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Saturday, February 09, 2008

It's been awhile since I did a 'My Teams' update

Liverpool - d.u.n.

Pains me to say that. But 17 points back from Arsenal at this stage...it's over (it's actually been over for some time now). As long as Man U doesn't win it. So go Gunners, I guess.

Now my Reds need to scrap with some other back-of-the-packers (i.e. Everton, Aston Villa, Portsmouth, and Man City) to simply stay in the Champions League. Of course, Reading couldn't help us out today (thanks, Dan), dropping a 1-Nil to Everton.

Now we go to Stamford Bridge tomorrow without Fernando Torres, who was injured in Spain's win over France earlier this week. Seemed like only yesterday we stood a chance. These are the bad times.

Inter Milan - Best Squad in Europe

There. I said it. Arsenal has been surprising all year. Roma's held on admirably in Serie A. Real Madrid's play has been consistent. And Man Utd...well you know what happens when they play a superior Italian team. My beloved Nerazzuri is following up last year's record breaking season with another, going for their 3rd straight Scudetto. What a way to spend their 100 year anny.

And with the Champions League knockouts looming, it's the perfect time for Inter to get healthy. All world defender Marco Materazzi is back in the mix, veteran stud midfielder Patrick Vieira is back, and Luis Figo's started practicing again. Ibra's arguably the best finisher in Europe right now, and Julio Cruz has been so solid, the newly acquired David Suazo has been limited to mop-up duty on most occasions. We're loaded, we're deep, and with a comfy lead in Serie A, it's time to focus on the Champions League...where we'll beat another one of 'My Teams' (Liverpool).

Barcelona - still disappointing, but not dead yet

Xavi came up huge last week to save the 3, and he was awarded with a start and the captain's armband today (Puyol is still absent). He came up huge again at Sevilla to squander the draw. Diego Capel, Freddy Kanoute, and Dani Alvez were flying in the 1st half. So under different circumstances, a draw at Sevilla may be acceptable. But down 6 points from Real Madrid, we can't afford to be dropping points. Yeah, we've had some injuries, but this dream team of talent needs to start gellin...as in now.

Toronto FC - 2008 Starts Now

Schedule released...TODAY
! (thanks, Ned!!) So we start off the season with 3 straight road games. So we sucked on the road last year. I don't care because I'm silly like that. We open the season at Columbus. That crazy Crew. Sounds like...Winner. We then go to D.C. and L.A. If we can scrap out a win in Washington, I see us 3-0 heading back for the home opener...because we all know the Galaxy and Landon Donovan suck arse.

Got my eyes on a couple of games for the summer:
  • May 31 v. Becks, Landy Cakes, and the Galaxy. I'd luv to reign some streamers down on that ass bag Donovan.
  • June 21 v. the Main Street Wizards
  • August 3 v. FC Dallas


Anonymous said...

This is why the US hates soccer ...

sorry Gary... explain this

gary said...

is that Christiano Ronaldo?