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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Broom Broom Broom. Yeah Broom Broom Broom Broom.

(sung to the tune of that annoying Mazda commercial).

Props to the Ottawa fans last night. Classy applause they gave the Penguins as they shook hands with the Sens. Unless they were applauding the season their Sens had...which would confuse me. I'd like to think that they are classy fans, and leave it at that. I even thought I heard a "Cros-by, Cros-by" chant.

Is is true Mike Millbury called Washington the "Crapitals" the other night?

Pierre McGuire just said on Madden that we need to be afraid of facing the NY Rangers. I'd rather play the Crapitals, but the Rangers are the 3rd best team in the East behind Montreal. And I'm not afraid.

Anybody seen Crosby's playoff mustache? Hilarious. Ryan Malone said he looks like "Nacho Libre" while Hal Gill called him "Joe Dirt." Funnier still...somebody actually saw and remembered Joe Dirt.

The Steelers schedule came out earlier this week, and I see no worse than 13-3. 14-2 is more likely, with L's at Jax and at New England. I came to this conclusion completely on my own, without watching ESPN's 2-hour analytical NFL Schedule Release Special.

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