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Thursday, April 10, 2008

Don Brennan, Supreme Jagoff

This is almost comical. From the Ottawa Sun...

Sens need to stir pot

How will Crosby's injured ankle hold up to a "two-hander"?

Someone needs to "emerge as a modern-day Bobby Clarke."

"Anything goes."

This coming from a team who lost one of their best players the last week of the season from a "dirty hit" by Toronto's Mark Bell?!? The Bell hit on Alfredsson looked completely legit to me. It was shoulder-to-shoulder, and Alfie was simply caught with his head down. An intentional two-handed slash to someone's ankle is a whole notha story.

It's talk like this that makes it hard to feel sorry for someone who took a Malkin slapshot to the face. Anton Volchenkov...how's the grill, dude?

And btw...Crosby injured his left ankle...not his "RIGHT." Jagoff.


Dave Weldon said...

gar..you're link to the article doesn't seem to be working....GO PENS!

gary said...

Thanx Dave...fixed it....