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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Champions League Semi's: Leg 1 Wrap-up

Liverpool owns the entire match at Anfield, but are only winning 1-Nil. 95th minute of what should've been a 94 minute match, late sub John Arne Riise gives up an own goal on basically the last touch of the game. 96th minute, I proceed to hurl up my lunch. Perhaps the most brutal experience of my short-lived footie fandomness.

Liverpool 1, Chelsea 1

Barcelona controls the ball for 65% of the match. The other 35% of the game sees Ronaldo whining for fouls.

Barca 0, Man Utd. 0

Summation: basically, both of 'my teams' appear to be f'd as they both go on the road chasing draws at home. Liverpool hasn't scored a goal at Stamford Bridge in, like, 8 matches. And Barcelona's struggling season continues. Meaning, we could have a Man U / Chelsea Final in Moscow. How fun.

At least I've got my Toronto FC. 500 Baby!!! 6 points in 4 games, and a chance to draw closer at home this Saturday against 1st place Kansas City. Yeah Ber-Ber.

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