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Friday, April 25, 2008

Meeting my baseball post quota for the month (er, year)

Pirates attendance is down this year - @ 50,000 less than last year thru 10 games. That's @ 5,000 less per game (long-time math guy). I've got 1 serious recommendation for the Suckos (and the only reason I care is for my friends who still latch on for hope):

One word...think about it. Close your eyes. And picture this....


Even better...if I can borrow an idea from Dan Yost, co-host of Andrew & Dan in the Afternoon which can be heard from 3:00-5:00pm Mondays and Fridays on RMU Radio or podcasted at CyberEars.com, how about...

a Bobblehead that shoots Fireworks.

works for me.


Tony La Russa has been batting his Pitcher in the 8-hole of the line-up, using a position player in the 9-hole.

Some baseball people call La Russa a genius. I call him a dick who would like to pretend he's a genius.

If you make it through the part where Tony asks "what's significant" when he blows, listen carefully. Maybe there's something to be said about this whole 8 / 9 thing...

damn. i almost feel sorry for him after watching that.

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gbvh said...

bobbleheads aside, two more words: SALARY CAP!