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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Deadspin/ESPN and Michael Jordan's Son

The best way to start this post is to plug a different blog, Deadspin. Currently, the ubersportsblog is cleaning out the inbox of tips they've received about ESPN employee sexcapades. This is in response to the Steve Phillips' boning of a 22-year-old production assistant.

Basically, Deadspin got word of the Phillips story a day in advance and called the four letter network to confirm the forthcoming Phillips absence. Rather than going "no comment" the network said that the story was completely false, except it wasn't. Not being the first time Bristol has snubbed, blacklisted, or lied to the blog, Deadspin has responded by throwing some (maybe all?) of it's ESPN employee liaison stories out to the public. Followed by an invitation to ESPN to comment as they'd like. They're all good reads, and worth a bit of your time.

However, my favorite story of the day comes out of the University of Central Florida, where Marcus Jordan, better known to all of us as the son of Michael Jordan, is refusing to play basketball unless he can wear his father's sneakers. While it's not uncommon for the offspring of famous people to follow the career path of their parent(s), most attempt to set themselves apart from their famous namesake, and forge their own identity. Not Son of Michael Jordan, he's fighting with every bit to stay as firming connecting to that vast, bald shadow that he can. I think we know which side of the family Son of Michael Jordan got his ego from.

As endorsement savvy as Michael Jordan is, you would think he would have instilled in his son, Son of Michael Jordan, that you need to check into potential endorsement conflicts of interest before signing up. I hope that UCF tells Son of Michael Jordan that he can ride the bench, if that, until he understands that he has no special rights, and gets treated the same as his teammates.

However, I expect UCF to cave in.

49.5 hours til TFC...


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Nicely played.

For the record, this EC-er never liked Jordan's pompous ass. Greatest player ever, imho, in a sport I could care less about. But pompous, indeed.