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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Only #4?

The city of Gulph's second favorite Pittsburgh bar has made a national list, of the best bars to throw up in.

I'm not sure if it's straight compliment, or a backhanded one. Either way, I'm looking forward to repeat trip.


gbvh said...


that band did not rock!

gary said...


Gooski's KICKS ASS!!!!!!

Best juke in the Burgh, FKYA!

Even more hilarious, and guilty admission...I used to do laundry at that bar/laundry joint in Chicago. I shit not.

Jables said...

I fuckin cannot wait to go back to Goo Goo Mucks.


Kono said...

I do love Gooski's and as far as drinking and doing laundry i used to use the laundromat next to Mitchell's Tavern, i remember getting so drunk i forgot to throw stuff from the washer to the dryer hence having to go back to the bar and drink even more.