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Thursday, June 09, 2011

Archers of Loaf Reissues

in case you haven't heard...Merge Records is reissuing all 4 Archers of Loaf studio albums, starting with our favorite, 1993's Icky Mettle.  FCKYA!  You can pre-order a limited edition copy on blue vinyl thru Merge now.

Also...set yer calendars for June 24th when they'll be playing live on Jimmy Fallon.

thanks to jables from the Nate Corner for the heads up!


Jables said...

I cannot wait man!

I am pumped Bob Weston is remastering them. Albinis right hand man. The guy who made Chavez, and Sebadoh, and Jesus Lizard sound so fucking good.

Kono said...

I must say this makes me immensely happy, especially with my new hellish commute giving me ample time to blast records in the car.

Kono said...

look at young Bachmann, and G-man you need to sign up to the Merge website and get their newsletter, this news was in the last one.