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Friday, June 10, 2011

Craig Adams inked to 2 more years!

Craig Fucking Adams. Yes indeed sir. I love this guy.  With a middle name like Fucking, how do you not want this guy back on your roster. Do you remember the 5 skaters on the ice when the Pens beat the Wings for the Cup? I do. And Craig Fucking Adams was one of them. You know why? I do. Because he's a beast.  Disco Dan knows this.

CFA will get $675,000 / year for the next 2 years. God bless Ray Shero. That's incredible value. True, CFA isn't going to get you many goals. You're not gonna put him along side 87 or 71. He's a 3rd / 4th line mucker, grinder, loose puck finder. He's a beast on the PK. He blocks shots. He wins draws. He's the smart veteran savy dude you need on Stanley Cup winning rosters. He's an Ivy League dude for chrissakes.

Bravo Ray. And welcome back, CFA.

Next on my "want list": Pascal Dupuis.  Actually, Pascal was first on my want list, with all due respect to CFA.  Word on the streets: Pascal wants a 3-year deal, while Ray rarely gives 30+ dudes more than 2 years.  Do it Ray.  Do it.  Sometimes, you gotta step outta the box.  Remember that time you traded for that big stiff Ponikorovsky from Toronto?  That was out of the box.  OK...so that didn't work out too well....bad example.  But anyways...we want Super Duper back in the fold.  The flexibility he adds...you can play him with 87...71...any line you want.  Sure, he's more suited as a 3rd liner, but he can still get you 15 or so goals while killing every penalty ever committed.  Get him back Ray.  Do it.  Do it.

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