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Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Look, it's hockey

Been pretty quiet on the hockey front around here, but this got me outta my bean bag chair pretty quickly last night.

Godspeed to Nathan Horton. This blatant attempt to injure cheap shot had us kinda grossed out last night. Puck is long gone, Aaron Rome sizes up Horton, leaves his feet, and tries to end Horton's Stanley Cup Finals early...which he most likely did. Not wishing the worse for Horton, but what if he wasn't reported to have been moving his extremities afterwards at Mass General Hospital (and, as Don Cherry added, his arms and legs). What if Horton was paralyzed before a national audience on the NHL's biggest stage? Would that finally force the NHL's hand into doing something about this garbage?

Brendan Shanahan...your move.

My money is backing Vancouver this series, which has put me in a weird place.  I'm finding this team pretty hard to cheer for, especially after last night's episode with Rome.  Maxim LaPierre continues to flop all over the ice like a crippled seal.  Obviously, this part of his game hasn't left him from his days in Montreal.  And Alexandre Burrows is doing his best impersonation of a giant turd stain.  He's pretty annoying, but in the grand scheme, fairly harmless...unless consumed.

Claude Julien, using his best coach speak, did not approve of Milan Lucic taunting Burrows, but we thought it was hilarious.  End of the 3rd period, Burrows takes a "hit" from Lucic, and proceeds to act like he took a hacksaw to the jugular.  So Lucic responds with a "I'll give you something to cry about" punch to the head.  We say Bravo.  Then, with two linesman between them, Burrows imitates the angry batter who gets plunked and wants a piece of the pitcher...only after he can't get to him due to others impeding his progress. Tough guy.

So Lucic sticks his finger in his face, offering Burrows a little snack to chew on. Absolutely hysterical!!!

I've always been a big fan of Milan Lucic, but he climbs the ladder even further with this move...

The 8-1 Bruins trashing of the Canuck makes this a series, which is probably a good thing for the neutral hockey observer. And again (Jay Caufield), I'm in a perplexing situation rooting for some guys I really don't like. Although I guess Brad Marchand is kind of a worm, too. And that Chara hit earlier this year in Montreal was pretty cheap.

Go Canucks, I guess.

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