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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pissy Vancouver

Great effort, but then the guy pulls a LaPierre and embellishes with a dive and roll over the car...

jesus. history will be made. yes indeed.

Who, exactly, are these people pissed at?  Aaron Rome, for the cheap shot that turned the series around?  The Sedin twins, who were vacationing in Sweden during the Finals?  Luongo for not grabbing his sack?  Alexandre Burrows for being a little turd stain? Alain Vigneault, whose bitchy whines about Tim Thomas got brushed aside? Alexander Mogilny?

No better way to top the embarrassing way your team went down than to start wrecking shit.

I lost my loot on this series, so that sucks.  But the longer it went on, the more difficult it was to cheer for these ass bags. Shame a dude like Ryan Kesler has to play on this team.

Props to the Bruins.  Besides Brad Marchand, who needs to lose the diaper, this was a very enjoyable team to watch.  Like Kesler from Vancouver, Milan Lucic is another dude we'd love to see in a Pens sweater.  Tim Thomas played out of his mind, and appears to be a class act...the oppo of Luongo.  Bergeron, Peverley, Krejci, Horton, Seidenberg...all solid dudes that we could cheer for.

Mark Recchi...meh.  Mixed feelings there.  Great memories of that first Cup in Pittsburgh, but he turned into kind of a whineberg during his last stint here.  I wouldn't say I hate him...just meh.  I won't miss him, put it that way.

3.5 months until they drop the puck again.  We'll miss you hockey.


TB said...

Check this out at the 3:06 mark, where a guy tries to stop people from smashing up a place. Fucking losers! THIS is why a good chunk of Canada wanted Cansucks to lose.


Jables said...

ashamed to be a Canadian today.