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Monday, May 12, 2008

Beat Down

Told ya this was gonna be fun...

The Flyers perspective of the fight was that Upshall won because he blocked all of TK's punches with his face. Hockeyfights.com gives TK the win at 88%. 8% had it a draw, and 4% Flyers fans chimed in.

After Friday's game, Upshall was quoted as saying the Malkin breakaway shorty that lit up Biron's man boobs was residue of Geno being "lazy." Ok.

At one point during yesterday's game, Malkin's broken stick that laid on the ice blocked 2 Pens shots...which was more than all of the Flyers defensemen had combined. Malkin's stick will be a free agent at the end of the season, and rumor is that Paul Holmgren will try to sign it as a free agent to replace Derian Hatcher.

I love the fact this was called No Goal...

I also love the fact that Jarkko Ruutu gets punched in the face after the whistle, and Ruutu gets 2 minutes for having his face in the way. You get our worst game, and we still beat your lame ass. I want to play short handed the rest of the series. I want every penalty to be called on the Pens. I wish Crosby and Malkin would play with one hand tied behind their back, because nothing can save this series for the scumbag Flyers.

The pumpkin colored jerseys won't help you back at the Wachovia Center, either. This series, and the Flyers season, is OVER. Pack the clubs, boys. Thanks for coming.

btw...did Chris Osgood get shot Saturday night?

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