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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Derian Hatcher Finds Blouse

...one to match his skirt...

quote from BGL after Sunday's game:

"Last night I went after (Flyers defenceman Derian) Hatcher when it was 4-2 near the end," said Laraque. "I said, 'Listen, you wanted to be tough against Malkin? Show me how tough you are. You're 6-5, 230? I said let's go.' I wanted to fight him because I can't let a big guy like that go after our star players and not do anything about it. At least I let my message through to him."
note to Georges: don't hurt him too bad. We're better off the more ice time Hatcher gets.


gbvh said...

the last i remember of derian hatcher was the stars playing a playoff game in 1998 (?) when we were in cleveland for the vh3 tour.
hatcher scored a huge goal and i proceeded to buy those boffo american shots. (here, they're 1oz, down there...mega.)
all i remember is hearing some great gong-show stories the next day and me saying, "blame derian hatcher."

so i have a bit of a soft spot for the big lug.

go pens!

gary said...

but he wears the pumpkin & black now...that alone makes him loathe-able