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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mark Madden Fired

Very sad day, I say.

Madden was not liked by all, which is completely understandable. His shtick was more shock-jock-ish on the radio personality pendulum, than say...lame ass Mike Tirico. Of course his constant self-proclaimed "genius" remarks were meant to get under your skin. But if you took Madden too serious, that's where he got you. That's where he struck a nerve. Lighten up, I say. He'd often poke fun of the white trash yinzer contingent, and if you take a step back from the Black & Gold Kool-aid, even a die hard can admit that group is an easy target.

I love the Steelers, and I grew up on Pittsburgh sports. But once and awhile, you need to sit back and laugh at yourself. It's therapeutic. I can laugh at the fact that I'm a huge dork come game day (sometimes, a boozed-up dork). But at the end of the day, I don't take myself too seriously.

So what if he made fun of Hines Ward. I like Hines Ward on my Steeler team. And I'll be sad the day he's no longer a Steeler. But was Madden wrong when he said Hines whines for attention at times? Of course he does. I can take off my Black & Gold colored sunglasses for a while to see that. Like when Hines insists he was never given a shot by the experts, that he had to fight and scrap his entire career, or when he took offense at Ben's "tall WR" comments. Dude...you were a 3rd round draft pick. You didn't come outta "nowhere."

And so what if he didn't like Jerome Bettis. Personally, without the pads, I didn't like Jerome Bettis. Is anyone going to tell me that Jerome Bettis was never self-serving? Jerome served a purpose...he was a great RB on some great Steeler teams, and I'm glad he was here because he made my team better. But I'd never take offense to someone who suggests he wasn't the best of dudes.

My viewpoint of ESPN has completely changed over the last 5 years. Airing on a station where the national personalities always pucker the collective athlete's ass, Madden was in the minority. And it was refreshing. But at least Madden talked hockey. He made fun of the NBA and the Suckos, which I also enjoyed. And providing you didn't take personal offense to his jabs, he was highly entertaining, hilarious at times, and unquestionably talented. At least that's my opinion. I didn't always agree with his opinions, like his insistent defense of his friend Ryan Whitney, but at least he was passionate about the Penguins and the game of hockey.

Madden will be missed, especially here. And judging from his ratings, which were consistently the best in the Burgh, apparently there were more people who "got it" than "didn't get it."

Click here to read Dork-on-a-Mission Bob Smizik's column a day following his remarks regarding Senator Kennedy, which ultimately led to his firing. It is people like Smizik that keep Pittsburgh the old-fashioned (stressing the "old") city that it is. In the words of Iggy...NO FUN...

He's also a huge Liverpool fan...so major props for that.

You'll never walk alone, Mr. Madden. You'll never walk alone.


gbvh said...

i've never heard of the guy, but this from liveaudiowrestling.com in toronto:

By: John Pollock

**Former WCW commentator Mark Madden has been taken off the air in Pittsburgh after comments made last Wednesday on his talk show on ESPN Radio 1260 where he said:

“I'm very disappointed to hear Senator Ted Kennedy of Massachusetts is near death because of a brain tumor. I always hoped Senator Kennedy would live long enough to be assassinated.”

Madden’s final show was last Thursday – it is unknown if he has been released from his contract by ESPN but will not be returning to his daily show. Apparently ESPN wanted to keep him based on how strong his numbers were but it was made into a huge issue locally and it forced their hand to do something.

gary said...

Definitely not the politically correct thing to say (putting it mildly), so I can't defend him for it.

But the firing came about b/c of a personal vendetta from a douche bag sports writer without a life(BOB SMIZIK), who sat around playing with himself listening to Madden (who he hates), waiting for the day that he crossed the line.

And b/c of that, we are now deprived of the most entertaining radio guy in town. Like him or not, he is the anti blah-blah-blah-blah guy.

Dalals said...

Sucks he is gone... maybe he can come to Nashville the sports talk here SUCKS...

dude you will want to kill yourself. we have a show - on during drivetime - called "the sports guys", one of the host is "Boots" Donnelly, a 78 year old fomer high school coach whos nose whistles into the microphone for the whole show.


Also, lets get a site started, SidsPlayoffBeardSucks.com

Anonymous said...

This vile, slovenly, uncouth vermin got away with much much more than he got fired for. He was about to escape from this also until the newspaper wrote what he said. The aftermath was too much for ESPN, who tolerated the most foulmouthed, despicable pig in Pittsburgh radio history. He called Myron Cope a drunk dozens of times, he ridiculed anyone who wouldnt do an interview with him, told callers he didnt like, that he had sex with their mother last night, He constantly hung up on callers after calling them losers, He would have segments on porn stars and their specialties, even had the women on air at times, slandered many icons, was very racist, he would often tell black callers to go sell crack in Homewood (a black neighborhood). He despised women. If they called, he would ridicule them call them "toots" and hang up on them. He never once in years, mentioned a woman he dated or a fiance. Never said, my girl and I saw this movie last night….etc. He often talked about oiled up 1/2 naked wrestlers, strip clubs and living with mom into his 40s. You do the math here. He should have been fired years ago. All ESPN cared about was money. Good ridence Madden..you fat scumbag.

Dan Rohde! said...

Good Riddens! (SP.?)

In my opinion, you need to have played at least 15 or more minutes of any sport in your life if you want to commentate to me.

gary said...

Accusing someone of being a racist, while making fun of their weight problem? Interesting.

Madden was like any other shock-jock. He made a living off of people taking him seriously, and callers who were not intelligent enough to realize it. Amazing how many of those people there were. Hurt by words.

We now resume your boring, politically correct, ass-kissing, homer sports talk radio show...