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Monday, May 19, 2008

Derian Hatcher, Gutless Coward

Nothing sums up the Pens ass kicking of the Flyers in Game 5 more than the image of Derian Hatcher skating away in fear from Big Georges, again. Only 3 nights earlier, Hatcher had no problem trading punches with Ryan Malone, a player he outweighs by 20 pounds. Now he had a chance to energize his team when they needed it most, and take on BGL (a player equal his size).

As expected, Hatcher skates away with purse intact, but not before he uses his stick to cheapshot BGL a couple of times. Prototypical Flyer behavior, and the reason they are loathed. Anytime they have a chance to man up, they bring the sticks and the visors, and run away when it's convenient. Cowardly turds pretending to be tough guys.

Crosby whines, Malkin dives, the refs sucked, wha, wha, wha. 6-0. Later, ass bags.


Dan Rohde! said...

I like make Hockey Fun! Makes me want to purchase 14 GBV Vinyl Records!

Though I have nothing to play them on.... maybe!

gary said...

Never to early to get that Xmas list ready, my friend. I've got yours started...

GBV records


TB said...

"Gutless coward"? Is that kinda like "stupid idiot"? Redundant?

Pens in 6.

gary said...

exactly. Pens in 6. i would be in attendance if that were the case...too, too sweet.

gbvh said...

i'm hitting refresh here, waiting for photos of your new digs covered in penguins stanley-cup-fever garb.

hoping my robert pollard is off to business shows up today for a rock n roll weekend.

gbvh said...

hey empties crushed,
when does the final start?