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Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Eff Umberger...

thanks to The Pensblog for above image.
Pens coverage at its finest. Check 'em here.

...and that goes for all of his dirtbag teammates. I don't even know where Plum is.

This is gonna be fun, pure and simple. I think the best the Flyers can hope for is to make it exciting. Because this series probably won't be close.

Sidney Crosby or Danny Briere? Evgeni Malkin or Mike Richards? Marian Hossa or Jeff Carter? Please. We've got the supreme talent, the better special teams, and the best goalie left in the Final 4. The Flyers have Derian Hatcher, a tree stump with a stick. What were once considered weaknesses for the Pens, like the PK or goaltending, are now strengths. This team will not be denied...especially from the likes of a crap organization like the Philadelphia Flyers.

The scary thing is...Crosby hasn't even gone off yet. Yeah...12 assists through 9 games is nice. But Sid has yet to dominate like he can. That will most likely change, if not because he's due, but because the Flyers know how to bring out the best in Sid. And we all know what happens when he plays Philly. They'll take cheapshot runs at him, maybe accuse him of diving, and Sid will walk away with a 4 point night. Meanwhile, Flyers fans who wish they had #87 on their team will call sportstalk radio and cry.

Cocky Penguins fan, here? Effin-a right. The road couldn't have been paved any better. And it's gonna be a pleasure to see the scumbag Flyers squirm in misery, all the way back to the bottom of the murky muck...or wherever they come from. As Mark Madden said yesterday, the Flyers will be no more than carcass that we simply need to jump over on our way to the Stanley Cup.

One thing that scares me. The Flyers have zero class...always have. And it wouldn't surprise me in the least to see one of their non-talented ass bags attempt to injure one of our superstars. That's just how the Flyers roll. Players like Steve Downie and Scott Hartnell no doubtfully sit around naked, masturbate to old Broad Street Bullies videos, and fantasize about who they're going to spear next.

Worse part about these two turds? They've got no problem raising the sticks during a scrum, or punching someone in the back of the head when they're not looking. But they're the worst type of dirty player, because they hide behind their shields. At least our "dirty" player leaves his face out to dry after he hits someone.

I CAN NOT WAIT UNTIL FRIDAY. It may not provide much drama, but it sure will be fun. The only burning question may be...

will Head Coward John Stevens dress Riley Cote and allow him to get his ass beat by BGL? I suspect not, but that would be fun as well.

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