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Sunday, November 20, 2011

3 Points!! (John Terry stunned)

I love my Glen Johnson. A HUGE 3 points at Stamford Bridge. No...it's doesn't mean we'll win a title. But if you said in August that beating Arsenal and Chelsea on the road would help secure a Champions League spot, you probably weren't factoring in home draws to Norwich and Swansea. The latter sucks. But beating Chelsea today in the 87th minute was a glorious triumph.

Roman Abramovich doesn't own Chelsea. King Kenny does. 9-0-3 career record for the King against those wanker Blues.

btw: Andy Carroll was a waste of 35 million lbs. But at least it's still a net gain of 15 million from the more expensive waste of Fernando Torres.

Next Week: MAN SHITTY comes to Anfield for another 11am-er on Sunday FSC. Man U supporters are welcome.

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