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Monday, November 07, 2011

Stillers lose. Ho-hum.

John Harbaugh makes history by becoming the first coach ever to win 2 Super Bowls by Week 9. What a douche. Steelers 3rd down D sucked balls, and that was pretty much the story. Joe Montana completed 27 of 28 3rd down conversions and drove 170 yards on the final drive of the game. End of story.

Still doesn't mean we can't make fun of our rivals.

From the official box score, the stat line for Ray Lewis reads:

1 forced pregame on-cam diatribe
1 moronic dance
2 tackles

What a turd. Ray Ray was also heard post game giving himself credit for Torrey Smith's game winning TD grab and telling his team to "be in a positions to win the game, man."

Smith was having a rough game, getting called for a holding penalty on Ray Rice's opening play TD scamper, and then dropping a bunch of passes from Montana.

Smith then caught the game winning TD, and was happy his "team kept face in him."

the 3 Stars for the game:
  1. Joe Montana
  2. Terrell Suggs' upper gums
  3. Ray Lewis.  Just ask him.

Position Yoself!

Last note:

Can the NFL hire Brendan Shanahan to do his little videos over what constitutes helmet-to-helmet contact? Ryan Clark gets penalized for his hit on Dixon, while Ray Ray gets nothing for the same thing on Hines Ward. We suspect Clark will get fined, and Ray Ray will get nothing. Just sayin.

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TBek said...

It is comforting to know that all of God's work is done so he can now turn to blessing the Baltimore Raven.