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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

OK Guys, Letestu is out. Who's gonna take his place?

Is the answer Jesus?

No, but better. Sid.

Test Tube has been traded to C-bus for a 4th Rounder. Being an undrafted free agent signing in 2007, I'd say that's a solid ROI. Especially considering Testy was a healthy scratch the few occasions when we had a healthy enough roster this year. The emergence of crazy Joe Vitale obviously made this easier. In Ray we trust.

Kinda wished Testy woulda slugged Soupcan after the latter went down too easily and early.

I liked Test Tube. Solid face off guy, and chipped in some goals last year. A fond farewell, and best wishes to him in the future. He'll be easily forgotten though once #87 gets back on the ice, which sounds like it could be as early as Friday against Dallas. Gentlemen...start your boners.

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