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Tuesday, November 01, 2011

GBV - "Doughnut For a Snowman"

more NEW stuff!! thanks again to gbvh, my #1 source for all things ILB. PLAY:

Guided By Voices - Doughnut For A Snowman by FIRE RECORDS

This 7" is being released on Fire Records, and can be pre-ordered thru Rockathon. Contains 4 non-LP B-sides (four!!!), and will ship November 28 (per Rockathon).  $6.

The previously discussed "The Unsinkable Fats Domino" 7" from Matador can also be pre-ordered via Rockathon HERE.  $6.  Release date is November 22.

A 3rd 7" will be made available from GBV Inc, called "Chocolate Boy", also available from Rockathon, and it appears they will ship in December (pre-order HERE). This one has a non-LP Tobin Sprout tune as the B-side.

And finally...the LP!! Shipping from Rockathon on New Years Day. Pre-order Let's Go Eat the Factory HERE.

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