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Monday, November 21, 2011

All is right in the world again. Sid's back.

Your captain returns tonight, kids.

The Pens insist there was no set date for 87's return, and it was simply a matter of doctor's clearance. We want to think this is the big F.U. to that dick Garth Snow. Yeah...remember last spring when the Islanders and their fans thought they were relevant for a couple of days?

One of the best teams in the NHL just got the best player in the world back. Meanwhile, the Isles are back in their normal position in the standings...the bottom of the barrel. This is an organization that wanted to celebrate their fight filled / cheap shot affair with Pens last spring, which kinda supports the league-wide theory that they are a joke.  A peak at the Isles current roster shows that some of the neanderthals that took part in the thuggery aren't even around anymore.  Zenon Konopka was exiled to Ottawa.  Michael Haley is flipping burgers at Wendy's.  And Trevor Gillies was deemed worthless and subsequently waived last month.   But with a dildo like Snow at the helm, nothing would surprise.  The Isles may have some other animals laying in the weeds.  Let's hope Bylsma dresses Steve MacIntyre tonight just in case.

Just read over at Pensblog that Zibby Michalek is back tonight, too?!?!

Our first fully healthy roster since the beginning of time?!?!?!?

The NHL's collective bum just puckered.


gbvh said...

Sid Justice is back on MONDAY NIGHT RAW?

Fuck yeah! It's been too long!

(Portions of this joke have been stolen from a friend.)

gbvh said...

Otherwise known as Sid Vicious, and Sycho Sid . . .

gary said...

ah jeez.

you watching?! i bet this story got a little coverage up there today :)