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Monday, November 14, 2011

We don't see the problem...

Miller is WAY outside of his protective crease area. He's playing the puck. The hit isn't malicious, it's not high to the head, it's body on body. Lucic doesn't leave his feet. It probably would've caused more damage had Lucic tried to avoid the hit, and ended up having a knee-on-knee type of collision. For chrissakes, the dude is wearing a sumo suit!!!

I know Miller is embarrassed, because he looks pretty silly as he swings around with his stick flailing, and emo hair looking all sloppy and floppy. And it's unfortunate Buffalo doesn't have anyone to stand up to Lucic. But this appears to be a little bit of a whineberg moment for Miller.

Dry your eyes, and quit with the talk of a concussion. Our bet: now that Lucic has been dismissed by Sheriff Shanahan without a suspension, Miller will be back in net for the Sabs next game, and there will be no more concussion talk. He's fine...just some wounded pride from Mr Emo.

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