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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Nick Foligno wants to make out with your goalie

Not sure who's more irrelevant, Nick Foligno or the Senators. Pens got back to kicking ass on Friday, taking down the Sens 6-3. #87 had 3 assists without even trying. Staal's a beast. Malkin's a beast. Gonchar was there. Konopka dropped a turd on the ice. Foligno accidentally tripped over Fleury 9 times. Sid elbows Foligno.

That's some brutal shit right there. So Brian Murray chirped, and slobbered, and whined...

A lot of hot air there mixed in with the spit, but to summarize: "Refs sucked and we're gonna dress Neil and Carkner next time because I hate Crosby." How do you know when nobody cares? When you have to beg a hoard of reporters to ask you a question.

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