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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

!!! at the Rex (revisited)


Great, great show. My 1st experience at a live !!! gig was a most glorious time.

All ages show, so as always, cocktails needed to be consumed behind the temporarily erected fencing. But other than that...good times.

A couple of highlights...
  • "All My Heroes are Weirdos" rawked my man-boobs.
  • While fidgeting w/ my temporarily defunct camera, I looked up to see Nic Offer dancing and banging on a cowbell right next to me in the crowd.
  • After obtaining a nicely done silkscreen show poster, Jess used her best stalking abilities to secure signatures of the entire band. Confirmation on "entire band was super cool."
No encore...maybe that's a staple of the band, or maybe it was a statement of our relative lameness as an audience (although it appeared to be a happening, albeit smaller, crowd)...who knows. With the amount of energy that Nic and mates leave on the stage, I give them a pass. So this was their last little number of the night...

More PICS here (remember pre-stated defunct-ness of camera)

Oh...and Icy Demons from Chicago were a lot of fun as well. The drummer (unsure of his name), in particular, kicked ass. And we love our friendly kick ass drummers around these parts.

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