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Friday, July 04, 2008

Screw Hossa. We've got Satan.

Thanks to Pensblog and whomever posted it there for above image

YAY Satan! I've always loved Satan. All the way back to his Buffalo Sabre days. Now only if he can regain some of that scoring touch. I'm assuming he'll be Sid's RW, so I'll also assume he'll score more than the 16 goals he had last year.

We've also got Ruslan Fedotenko. And you can never have enough Ruslan in today's NHL.

F*#k the Marian Hossa. Although Ray Shero didn't come out an exactly say it...I agree...let's worry about players who want to be here. I've never been one to root for injury, but I have to admit...I think it would be pretty funny if Hossa blew a knee next year, missed out on another cup, as well as a huge pay-day due to said injury. My 2nd favorite team will now be whoever plays the Red Wings. Although the schedule hasn't been released yet, if Detroit were to come to the Burgh next year, that's one game I will not miss. Boo this man.

With Crosby, Malkin, Fleury (2nd best G in the world behind Buffon), Whits, Orpik, and soon-to-be Staal locked up for the next 5-6 years...I think we'll be more than OK. Besides, after my assistant GM (Dan Yost) and I sat down last night to crunch the numbers, signing Hossa to $7 million a year would've been the WRONG thing to do. F*^K Hossa. After the Feds / Satan pick-ups, we're only $2.9 million away from the cap. Pay attention...

Here's my forward lines for next year...

Dupuis / Crosby / Satan
Staal / Malkin / Sykora
Fedotenko / Talbot / Kennedy
???? / ???? / Godard

I'd rather have Staal at C, but he almost needs to play LW out of necessity, to fill the void left by Malone. Also...Staal can take the face-offs for Geno on the 2nd line...which would be a plus. Staal will be 5x the player (eventually) that Malone was, so this will soon be an upgrade. And Max Talbot is too valuable to have as your 4th line C.

So sign Hossa, and all of a sudden we're 3 Forwards short instead of two!!! F&%K Hossa. If there's a mistake I've seen from Shero, it was letting Adam Hall and Ruutu go for as cheap as they were ($600,000 and $1.3 million, respectively). Now you need to find two 4th line players just to fill those voids. I assume Ruutu left b/c of Therrien.

Here's another option, and one I'm sure Shero is looking into. We desperately need to unload one of these DEF. F^@K Hossa. If you include Goligoski as NHL ready, we've got 9 (NINE!) Blue-liners under contract. My choice is to deal Sydor. At $2.5 million, he may be tough to unload. Get whatever you can for him, even if it's a draft pick. But that $2.5 could desperately be used on a Forward. Here's my D-pairings...

Gonch / Orpik
Whits / Scuderi (or Eaton)
LeTang / Gill

so you've already got 1 DEF to scratch, leaving Goligoski in WB-S (I assume). Sydor and his bloated contract needs to go (probably one of the few mistakes made by Ray).

So the way I see it...signing the gutless Hossa would've been the WRONG thing to do. FUCK Hossa.

BTW...where's Jeff Taffe??

For the full scoop with figures on the cap as it pertains to the Pens, go to Hockey Buzz.com HERE.


gbvh said...

quoting empties crushed:
>>YAY! We'll save the YAY! for when/if they sign Hossa.


Dave Weldon said...

Hopefully this kid will be our 1st line LW, he is from Finland


He had 78 points in 56 games in a defensive league, he is under-sized, so that is a concern.

Clips on him scoring looks good, def speed and hands, quick enough mentally to play with Sid.

gary said...

DOOD!!!! And we got Matt Cooke?!?!

Effin A I love Ray Shero. More and more I think of it...signing Hossa to anymore than we offered would've been the WRONG thing to do.

No more worries. We're still the beast of the east. Can't wait for October!!!

gbvh said...

it looks like guelph tried to grant you your wish back in the day:


Dave Weldon said...

I Pumped with a capital "P"

Dave Weldon said...

The "P" is also for Penguins...and Potential President's Cup.