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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Eric Godard

Ladies and gentlemen...Mr. Eric Godard...

so he beat up a Flyer last October. I like him already.

6'4", 214. 17 fighting majors last year in 74 GP's. Listed as a RW, but can also play some DEF. HERE'S his 07-08 Fight Card from Hockeyfights.com. Had 295 PIM's in the AHL back in 04-05, playing for Bridgeport. Only 171 PIM's in74 games last season, so looks he's becoming more disciplined (insert smiley face). I'll go out on a limb and say this spells the end of the BGL era in Pittsburgh.

My take: he may lack the offensive prowess of BGL (slight chuckle), but he comes much cheaper. Signing approved.

Hey...we may lose Hossa. But at least we'll have an Eric Godard skating around for organization.

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Dave Weldon said...

Boy George is going to Le Canadians. $4.5mil deal too. Tis on TSN