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Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steelers Training Camp Opens

Most important news outta camp...Punter Daniel Sepulveda is OUT for the SEASON. He's got a knee (in my best Wannstedt voice)...an ACL to be exact. Tough break for a good guy, but the GOOD NEWS....

since we don't plan on punting this year, his role was somewhat diminished anyway.

Other news outta camp...
  • Willie Parker is looking fantastic (although some fans will still whine about him not being a "Steeler-type RB")
  • Mendenhall (#34) looks OK
  • Hampton is on the PUP due to bloatedness, but he's working on it.
  • The best CB on the team was held out of practice (and if you need to ask who that may be, you're simply not paying attention).
  • As far as pass protection, FB Carey Davis is looking like a stud....
Backs on Backers (including Davis), Hines making it look easy, plus more video from Day 1 in Latrobe...

So. Pumpt.


Anonymous said...

"Since we don't plan on punting this year, his role was somewhat diminished anyway."

ROFL. I like the way you think.

Getting pumped. Already. :)

gary said...

I was further thinking of his responsibilities as a holder on XP's.

But I think we'll be like that Texas team from Friday Night Lights (the movie), who never kicks the XP.

We just go for 2 everytime.

Lessens the decision process. But that doesn't matter, because...

football is a game that's played in pads...by grown men.