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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Good Riddance Billy Packer

Been away for about a week, only to return to the greatest news that NCAA Hoops has had since...I don't know...the "dunking ban"was lifted in 1976. Billy Packer is d.u.n. at CBS...out as the lead analyst for March Madness. Thank God.

Not to wallow in Packer's misfortunes, but we've loathed the self-important Packer for a long time around these parts. Maybe we've even played a small part here at EC.

Delusional ass bag Jim Nantz had this to say about his former partner...
"He is the ultimate curator protecting the integrity of the sport. Fans don't realize they owe Billy a thank-you."
I'm guessing more of the "thank-you's" will be heading towards CBS brass who finally came to their senses and canned his pompous ass.

Big thanks to EC pal Dan Yost for tipping us on Packer's new job...

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