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Friday, August 22, 2008

Dressy Bessy to play Club Cafe

Wednesday, September 24th. Doors at 10:00

Sweet! We love us some Dressy Bessy. Last saw Tammy Ealom and friends here a couple years ago, and LOVE the fact that they're coming back. Only $7 tix! That's crazy. Ok...$10 after Ticket Web charges. Still crazy. Power pop at its finest at the best little venue in the Burgh...for a saw buck. Can't beat it.

Super friendly as well. Their last show at Club Cafe was a 21+ (as all of CC's are, I believe). There were two under-ager girls who couldn't get in, but listened outside the small little club. After the show, Miss Ealom went outside to greet and chat with 'em. Pretty cool.

Plus...the infectious smile of guitarist John Hill is worth the price of admission alone.


a live in-store performance at Criminal Records in Atlanta (props to KimCriminal), doing "Stop Foolin"...

"Electrified" vid...

Dressy Bessy MySpace HERE

a pretty funny little comparison between Coldplay (cough, cough) and Dressy Bessy on NPR...listen HERE.

note to self: pace. French Kicks 9/23, Dressy Bessy 9/24, Bob 9/26

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