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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Prem Predictions

OK, 1 week late. Big deal. For funsies, here are my completely objective predictions for the Prem this year, 1 thru 20. Like you care...

  1. Liverpool. Addition of Keane gets the Reds over the hump.

  2. Man Utd

  3. Arsenal

  4. Chelsea. Damn they looked good in Week 1.

  5. Aston Villa

  6. Blackburn

  7. Tottenham

  8. Newcastle

  9. Man City

  10. Sunderland

  11. Portsmouth

  12. Everton

  13. West Ham

  14. Middlesbrough

  15. Wigan

  16. Bolton

  17. West Brom

  18. Fulham. Sorry, see ya.

  19. Stoke City

  20. Hull City

Happy futbol.

1 comment:

gbvh said...

fulham 1
arse nil