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Thursday, August 21, 2008

Up Close at Steelers Training Camp

Had never been to glorious Latrobe before to see the Beloved at training camp. Pays to know people, or at least Tirpak :) An incredibly beautiful day at St. Vincent, even if I almost got steamrolled by a blocking sled...

Nothing to do with camp, but heard a funny quote from Ike Taylor the other day, commenting on the intense Madden competition that goes on in the dorms after the day's practices are over. I guess in Madden '07 (I may be wrong on the year, sorry), OT Willie Colon is portrayed as a white guy in the game (Mr. Colon is indeed a black man, for those not following along at home). Shoeless Ike was asked about this, and commented: "Ah, man...they messed up his paint job." Frickin Hilarious.

O vs. D

James Harrison, OMB (outside man beast)




2:00 drill, #1 O vs. #1 D. Tomlin ruled this an incompletion, I think.

Ike, D-Line

Fresh off the PUP

Heath, TE's on Sled

said sled


This ain't his first rodeo.


Fast Willie

Lots more HERE

Soundbyte of the day: from FS Ryan Clark, during a 2:00 drill in which the offense stalled on 3rd down inside the 5 yard line:
"I've got a cousin. His name is NOTHING!"
Special thanks again to Tirpak for an incredible experience.

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tirpak said...

Dude.. those pics are freagin sweet.

You're welcome up anytime.