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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tapes 'n Tapes at Club Cafe

Tapes n' Tapes

Still playing ketchup here. Another busy weekend...bought all of our Boston Spaceships tix for the fall, Prem action got underway (1-nil Liverpool!!!), got engaged, fantasy football preparations, etc, etc....

As mentioned previously, we skipped out on the Roots from that first night at the NAMU. The best time of the entire weekend was had down the street at Club Cafe. Tapes n' Tapes put on a great show in front of a small, intimate crowd.

Love "Insistor," from their first full length, The Loon (highly recommended)...

Got some live video of them doing "Hang Them All", from the new one Walk It Off. Unfortunately, the mic on my camera sorta sucks, so the sound is kinda brutal...through no fault of the band's mind you...

Tapes 'n Tapes MySpace page HERE.

Very friendly chaps from Minneapolis...so go purchase their new record, Walk It Off, HERE.

Br'er Fox

The surprise of the weekend was the opener Br'er Fox, a local Pittsburgh band who I'd never had the good fortune of seeing before. They're a brother duo (Aaron and David) who alternate back 'n forth between geetar 'n drums...and they both kick ass. Both the covers (Folk Implosion was one) and their original tunes...they tore it up. Missed their show at the Brillo Box this past Saturday, but I'll be sure to be checking them out at Lava Lounge next Thursday ($1.50 Pabst Pints!!!), August 28th with Persona Grata. Apparently, they've got their first record coming out in a few months, so we'll be looking fwd to that as well.

Hear some Br'er Fox on their MySpace page HERE.

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