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Thursday, February 03, 2011

Here's JOHNY!

thanks to Rando Mango for sending the vid.

thanks to Pensblog once again for the tremendous gif.


Never leave the hockey game early. Absolutely god damn right. About 2 minutes prior to this, we were in our seats making fun of the suits and amateurs who were running to their cars. Hurry!! Gotta sit in traffic!! Fucking dopes.

Cooke will probably get villainized again for the start of this scrum. Cookie is a cock, no doubt. But the goalie with the 25 year contract started this one. Johny ended it. The Pens video and jumbotron crew were all over it, showing the replay of Brent Johnson punching DiPietro's face in...quickly followed by the "Here's Johnny" clip above. (BJ is affectionately known as "Johny" in these parts, if you hadn't already figured that out).

The Penguino has now won 7 of 8, all w/o Crosby. That's pretty amazing. They are also 9-1 w/o Geno this year. Not as amazing, considering he's the only minus player (-2) among the Top 9 forwards on the squad. Appears Malkin will be back Friday vs. Buffalo. Hopefully, he can become one of the top players in the world again. We're not holding our breath.

#3 Star - Kunitz. Remember a few years ago, all the cries about finding Sid a winger. Found.

#2 Star - Max. Talbot's been playing great hockey lately. He just hasn't found the net. Last nights ENer could ignite him.

#1 Star - Johny. Last dude to record a shutout AND a fight in the same game was Chris Osgood, back in 1998 (i think). But upon further review...Johnson does NOT get the shutout, since he got sent to the locker room early. Not sure how Osgood got it then? Who cares. Johny stood on his head all night and then gave DiPietro a serious case of puffy face.

still confused as to why DiPietro appears to be smiling. what a nut job.

HERE'S a GREAT SHOT of the whole circus from the corner by some dude curtOphoto on YouTube. the crowd was absolutely nuts at this point. Great camera work by this guy.

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Jables said...

you spelt it right too!

with one "N", johny, JOHNY!