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Monday, February 14, 2011

Matt Cooke is a Dick

there...I said it.

The NHL needs to hang this guy up by his buster browns. They sorta did, giving him 4 games for his smashing of Fedor Tyutin. Btw: this doesn't excuse Cooke, but Tyutin has gotta be pretty stupid for turning his back to Cooke after seeing him coming. It's one thing to draw a penalty, it's another to be a moron and not protect yourself. That was moronic. And fortunately for Tyutin, he wasn't injured.

But as Pens fans, we can't continue to point the finger at dirty players like Chris Pronger, Sean Avery, Alexander Ovechkin, Chris Neil, Steve Downie, and other repeat offenders...without looking at our own Cookie. They're all cheap shot artists, so when Cooke does the same thing, it's only fair to call it like it is.

Everyone knows the lowdown on Cooke. He plays on the edge, and often crosses the line. This crossed the line. The consensus from most hockey people is that you want him on your team, but you hate playing against him. But if he continues to take stupid and selfish penalties, no one is going to want him on their team.

With almost half a team made up of W-B/S Baby Pens, this suspension comes at the absolute worst time. Not good.


TB said...

Wow, whoever hacked this board not only put up a slick new look, but also drew up a solid, objective entry on Matt Cooke.

Who are you, and what have you done with Gary?

gary said...

you know me TB...I tell it like it is :)

Frank B said...

Yup, pretty weak on Cookies part. Everyone knows you don't clobber people when they have their back to you, well.. unless your want to be know as a "cheapshot artist".