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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pitchers and Catchers Report

Swell.  Real Pirate fans will want to circle these dates on their calender:
  • April 9 - Fireworks Night
  • April 23 - Andrew McCutchen Action Figurine Night (WOOOOOO!!!!)
  • May 7 - Fireworks Night
  • May 21 - Neil Walker Bobblehead Night
  • June 4 - Fireworks Night
  • June 25 - Fireworks Night
  • July 9 - Fireworks AND .38 Special Concert Night
  • July 23 - Fireworks Night
  • August 6 - Fireworks AND Train Concert Night
  • August 20 - Fireworks Night
  • Sept 10 - Fireworks Night
Only 1 Bobblehead and 1 "Action Figurine" for the entire year?  That's pretty disappointing.  How does ownership raise ticket prices in a year where there is only 1 Bobblehead giveaway?!? The audacity.


gbvh said...

TFC ownership raises prices every year and I would kill for a DERO bobble head.

gary said...

TFC is selling out every game, no? So there probably isn't a need for such promotions.

Over 50% of PNC's attendance can be attributed to Bobbleheads and Fireworks. Simply no one around here cares @ baseball.

Pirates owners aren't too popular in the Burgh, but I think they're geniuses. They sell seats at PNC based on everything BUT baseball.

For example...the .38 Special post-game concert. Over 1/2 the people "attending" will arrive after the 7th inning. And I'm being completely serious. That's what happens with these concerts.

gbvh said...

Good for them.
No salary cap? Screw 'em.