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Friday, February 18, 2011

Matthew Barnaby > Barry Melrose

What the FUCK is the Mullet talking about?!?

Mario is frustrated with the injuries, the Islanders are excused because of the hits (referring to Talbot's clean hit on Comeau), the DiPietro / Johnson fight, blah, fucking blah, fucking blah, fucking blah. "Frustrated" with Crosby's injury...talking about ruined "holidays in Pittsburgh"?!?!?!  What does Crosby have to do with what happened on Long Island you ignorant twat?!?  Did he say "ruined holidays in Pittsburgh?!?!" Valentines Day?  What the hell is he talking about?

Just a great example of the Haterade amongst hockey "journalists" and "experts" here. It's one thing when "know-it-all" non-experts (like myself) spout off about this crap on a blog. No one is listening. But for people who supposedly know what they're talking about to spew such garbage on national TV really leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Like poop.

Douchebags like Barry Melrose and Scott Burnside clearly have an axe to grind, and it's pathetic. It's also embarrassing to hockey.  We thought Melrose was better than that.  Clearly he's still sore his last reign as a HC lasted only 3 weeks.

Burnside is the king of these jokes.  And upon further investigation, EC found out why.  Rumor has it that back in-da-day, Burnside had a picture taken with Mario Lemieux.  After getting a nice 8x11 glossy print of the photo, Burnside approached Lemieux about an autograph.  Mario signed his name to the photo, but merely forgot to include "your pal."  Scott Burnside has been angry ever since...kinda like a little school girl who had her milk money stolen.

Here's the article from Burnside, which seems more appropriate for the National Enquirer than ESPN.  Then again, ESPN isn't exactly the poster boy for journalistic integrity.  It's more about generating hits to their website, which surely they did with this pile of garbage.  There is a slight difference in the comparison Burnside makes, and the objective person can see it.  Employing Matt Cooke has zero to do with an organizational motive (starting with Isles GM Garth Snow) to generate ticket sales and interest by managing a premeditated sideshow filled with cowardly acts of "retribution." Let us not forget the Pens lead the NHL in fighting majors, so that should excuse what the Islanders did, as well.  Puke.

Burnside's hate goes back a few years, even to the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals when Lemieux obviously snubbed Burnside again.  Clearly, #66 doesn't wanna be this ass clown's pal.

The saddest part of it all is that the message Lemieux was trying to convey is completely lost within this cesspool of bitterness. The message is pretty clear: the sport we love is becoming a circus act. The only hockey people not embarrassed by what happened last Friday is Snow and the Islanders, an organization who was eliminated from the playoffs in November and is pretty much an afterthought in New York.

But the same dopes who complain that "Lemiuex never says anything" are the same dopes bashing him here when he does. According to their self-imposed rule: any owner who employs a player who's been suspended has no right to say anything meaningful.  Nice. Convenient hatred.


TB said...

One of those guys is thoughtful, articulate, logical...and the other is Barry Melrose.

Barnaby FTW!

gary said...

really! remember watching Barnaby play...would you have ever thought he'd come off like that?

TB said...

Yeah, I had that reaction a few year's back when he was working the playoffs for TSN. Never would've guessed he was that sharp.

Melrose is a sideshow at best, a poor man's Don Cherry (and Cherry is shit).