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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Reds Revival

my crappy 2 cents on the record breaking January transfer window...

Yeah...Fernando Torres is gone. Big deal. We got $50m for a guy who's appeared in about half our matches, and can't stay healthy. What I'll miss most is singing that damn "Torres Torres" song. Oh, well. The question I'd ask of myself: "Would I really like this guy if he wasn't on my club?" The answer is "No." Dude is a ponce. Great talent. But ponce, nonetheless.

It sucks to sell a player of this quality to one of your rivals, but hopefully this will bury Chelsea even more in debt. Last year, Chelsea recorded a $70m loss, and is becoming closer and closer to violating UEFA's new "fair play" rules. Eff Chelsea. Regardless of all the financials, this move will make this Sunday's Liverpool trip to Stamford Bridge even more interesting.

So did Liverpool overspend for Andy Carroll? Probably. Especially when you see the list of largest transfers ever. The $35m spent on getting Carroll from Newcastle ranks as the 8th highest sum ever paid. Above Carroll is the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Zidane, and Luis Figo. Those are some pretty hefty names. But considering the absurd amount they got for Torres (which ranks 5th highest ever), so what if they overspent. At least it's a sign from the new ownership group that they are committed to the success of the club. At 22, Carroll is still an unknown, but time will tell if he can live up to this massive fee. Sucks, however, that Carroll is currently rehabbing a thigh and will miss this Sunday's clash.

The $35m spent on Carroll makes the Luis Suarez deal ($24m) look like a bargain. Suarez is definitely the more seasoned goal scorer, but is still a mere 24 years old. Dude scored an amazing 49 goals last year for Dutch club Ajax, and was a key reason Uruguay made its run at the World Cup in July. I'm a big fan. So what if the dude got sent off for a deliberate hand ball. I could care less.

Word on the streets was that Charlie Adam was in a white Bronco on his way to Merseyside yesterday. But when the deadline struck...no deal. Adam would've been a nice piece to the puzzle. Although overspending another $14m, which was apparently Blackpool's asking price, could have been a mistake. Just because we overspent on Carroll doesn't mean we should become the next Real Madrid or...uh em...Chelsea. Plus...it was a bit worrisome that nobody else was willing to fork over a hefty sum for the Scottish midfielder. So more upgrades will have to wait until this summer.

Bottom line: Luis Suarez + Andy Carroll - $9m > Fernando Torres. That's my story.

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TB said...

You'll really love Carroll. He's already double digits scoring as a 22-year old, and is very much in the England picture where he and Rooney could do some interesting things. Scores from distance, in the air...he's quality.

Torres is pretty much tops in the game when healthy, but I think those days are largely done for him, which looks good on Chelsea.