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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Moodswingers CD Release Party

Moodswingers is Jamie Saunders, Dennis Childers, and Dean Catania.  They're from Pittsburgh and they'll rawk your face off.  Their last show at St James Tavern this past December was pretty kick ass, and we're looking forward to more.  Friday night at the best bar / room in the Burgh: Gooski's.  Their new album World to Save is out, and this is their CD Release Party.

Highway 13, another Burgh band described as high-octane rockabilly, will also be playing.

GBV content: Gooski's jukebox is probably the best in the city, and it features our favorite band.  FCKYA!

We are THERE. 


Jables said...


gary said...

FCKYA!! that's the place!!

when were you there during the day to get these shots??

Jables said...

Google Maps baby!!!!