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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Nightmare Shitty

It's like a nightmare isn't it? It just keeps getting worse.

Now it appears Brooks Orpik has a broken something (hand, forearm, wing), and will miss the rest of the season (?). I'm just guessing, based on luck. Supposedly, his teammates "fear the worst." This sucks.

Just when it appears we may be getting 2-3 of our 17 injured forwards back, the D is starting to deplete. Just when you thought Fleury and our defense might be able to win us some points here and there...everyone starts going down. Paul Martin is still out from the Sharp (no-call) hit from behind, Gogo is gone (not that I regret that trade, just sayin), and now their leader on the blue line is going to be out.

Without looking, I'd guess Letang and Michalek each played about 30 minutes last night.  Letang looked exhausted, and imho, played one of his worse games of the year because of it.  Perhaps not all his fault.  You gotta point out the myriad of defensive combo changes had to mess with chemistry.  Just sayin.
Oh well, we keep trucking along.  And Tyler Kennedy put us on his back and got us a point!  Against one of the best teams we've seen all year...so fckya.  But pretty soon, getting 1 point every 3 games isn't going to fly.  The boys are trying hard, but that's getting to be a broken record.  Simply frustrating.

The good:

Tyler Kennedy for chrissakes.  Maybe playing his way outta Pittsburgh with his performance over the past month.

Zibby Michalek. Dude is a defensive machine. Unreal.

MAF. It's a crime if this guy doesn't get serious Vezina consideration. Consider this: Since Crosby has been out, the Penguins are 10-8-3. They are also averaging 2.05 GPG over that span (43 goals), which over a season, would make them the lowest scoring team in the NHL. Yet we've somehow managed 23 pts over 21 games. Bless this kid. Fleury haters...go back to your shanties.

James Neal. My first impression of seeing him live: Stud. Niskanen is a WIP, but Neal is going to be a lot of fun to watch.  We gotta get this guy a nickname, though.  James Neal is simply too formal.

for no better reason than a good chuckle after ANOTHER injury...

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