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Monday, February 28, 2011

I Always Wondered

What would happen if a soccer team used a fake injury as a way of getting a throw-in? Apparently the answer is rioting. Swift, decisive, and angry rioting.

In an Italian third division fixture between Gela and Foggia, a Gela player goes down with an apparent injury. Foggia taps the ball out of play, and the video shows the rest.

20 days til TFC kicks off "Season V"

we love the Thermals

two from their last record, the mighty Personal Life (available on Kill Rock Stars).

"I Don't Believe You"

"Never Listen to Me"

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Key Losers

The Pens have now lost 4 in a row.  I can't recall the last time that's happened and I'm not fuckin Googling.  Great effort, injuries, new defensive combos, not Fleury's fault, blah, blah, blah.

That Alexei Kovalev sure has some soft and supple hands.

toronto tonight. let's go pens.

Top Bands v. La Liga

some dork comparing his favorite bands to clubs from La Liga...

Major La Liga - Gary's Top 12 Bands from Ragman Productions on Vimeo

Thanks to our good pal jables over at Ragman Productions

Lazio?!?! That was the beers talking :)

Friday, February 25, 2011

Caroline Wozniacki digs the Liverpool

No confirmation on whether or not she's sassy.

Meanwhile, my Reds squeaked past Sparta Prague yesterday to advance to the final 16 of the Europa League. THESE ARE THE EUROPAS! Doesn't roll of the tongue, but oh well. Any trophy would be nice, seeing we haven't gotten one since the '06 FA Cup.  Portugal side Braga is up next.

Big road fixture on FSC this Sunday morning at West Ham.  Appears King Kenny has rebuffed reports that Andy Carroll will debut Sunday.  Anything less than 3 points will be disappointing.  We're still 8 pts back from a Champions League spot, but we got some unexpected help from Blackpool earlier this week with their 3-1 triumph over Tottenham.  Meanwhile, a nil-nil affair between Chelsea and Fulham has also kept hopes alive.  And don't forget to cheer on Man United midweek as they travel to Stamford Bridge.

Love Dirk Kuyt.

the future of the Pave

the other Bob talks about more Pavement?

on whether Pavement would play again in the future: "Maybe he'd (SM) be willing to do it again."

after seeing my 2nd favorite band of all-time perform several times in 2010, somehow I doubt it.

thanks to gbvh who sent me this, months ago I think.

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Alexei Kovalev must break you

Kovalev is back, people. For a 7th rounder.

for a 7th, what the hell. i like it. Ray Shero poops a 7th a rounder.

Maybe he can play defense for Brooks Orpik, who is apparently out 4-6 weeks with a broken digit. Awesome.

** thanks to Rando Mango, who apparently gets the breaking news faster than anyone here in Pittsburgh.

Nightmare Shitty

It's like a nightmare isn't it? It just keeps getting worse.

Now it appears Brooks Orpik has a broken something (hand, forearm, wing), and will miss the rest of the season (?). I'm just guessing, based on luck. Supposedly, his teammates "fear the worst." This sucks.

Just when it appears we may be getting 2-3 of our 17 injured forwards back, the D is starting to deplete. Just when you thought Fleury and our defense might be able to win us some points here and there...everyone starts going down. Paul Martin is still out from the Sharp (no-call) hit from behind, Gogo is gone (not that I regret that trade, just sayin), and now their leader on the blue line is going to be out.

Without looking, I'd guess Letang and Michalek each played about 30 minutes last night.  Letang looked exhausted, and imho, played one of his worse games of the year because of it.  Perhaps not all his fault.  You gotta point out the myriad of defensive combo changes had to mess with chemistry.  Just sayin.
Oh well, we keep trucking along.  And Tyler Kennedy put us on his back and got us a point!  Against one of the best teams we've seen all year...so fckya.  But pretty soon, getting 1 point every 3 games isn't going to fly.  The boys are trying hard, but that's getting to be a broken record.  Simply frustrating.

The good:

Tyler Kennedy for chrissakes.  Maybe playing his way outta Pittsburgh with his performance over the past month.

Zibby Michalek. Dude is a defensive machine. Unreal.

MAF. It's a crime if this guy doesn't get serious Vezina consideration. Consider this: Since Crosby has been out, the Penguins are 10-8-3. They are also averaging 2.05 GPG over that span (43 goals), which over a season, would make them the lowest scoring team in the NHL. Yet we've somehow managed 23 pts over 21 games. Bless this kid. Fleury haters...go back to your shanties.

James Neal. My first impression of seeing him live: Stud. Niskanen is a WIP, but Neal is going to be a lot of fun to watch.  We gotta get this guy a nickname, though.  James Neal is simply too formal.

for no better reason than a good chuckle after ANOTHER injury...

Ghost Boobs


Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Mountain Goats on Letterman


The Mountain Goats will also be playing the Burgh, in support of their new record All Eternals Deck, available for pre-order through Merge Records.  Mr. Smalls - Tuesday, April 12th.  One of our favorite drummers, Jon Wurtser (Superchunk) is playing with the MGs again.  So that's pretty awesome.

eff Versus, Champions League continues

While the Pens / Sharks game tonight will be broadcast nationally, we here in the Burgh will get it on FSN. YES!!!!

Champions League play continues today. A late Lyon goal for the draw killed my Real Madrid play, but Chelsea's domination of Copenhagen got me the split (sans juice). At least we're in the W column (1-4). Fair warning: follow these plays at your own peril.

The Lyon draw was well deserved, I thought. Although Madrid hit a couple of posts which could have put it away, Lyon played really well. Mourinho's probably happy enough with the away goal, and barring a big upset back at the Bernabéu, Madrid looks to be in good shape.

The Chelsea game could've been 7-Nil, and it made me wonder how Copenhagen got this far. Kinda got a chuckle out of Fernando Torres' struggles to find the net, though.

btw: classy move by Karim Benzema.  The striker has pretty much struggled since arriving at Madrid, but when he scored the game's first goal (almost immediately after being subbed on), he refused to celebrate against his former club.  We always mention the ass hats...gotta drop kudos to the displays of class.

Today's predictions:

My heart says Inter over Bayern Munich, but my head says Bayern will advance.  No Diego Milito, Wesley Sneijder is injured (although he may play), and newly acquired Pazzini is cup tied.  Bayern Munich has been on fire, and Ribery and Robben (diver) are both healthy.  I'm going to abstain on the side, and play the Over 2.5 today.

I'm calling the draw for Man Utd at Marseille today, and laying the odds for Man U to eventually advance.

Bury Gillies T-shirts

The fine people over at Pensblog have come up with another gem of a t-shirt.  As of this morning, there are only 60 left.  Got mines last night.  Go HERE to the Storeblog to purchase yours for the April 8th rematch.  $20 (includes shipping).  fckya!

Argentina likes the Pave

berzerker crowd...


kinda old, and forgot who tipped me on that. surely it was jables or gbvh, but thanks!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The Champions (said in Champions League song voice)

almost forgot.  for the record...

We're uneventfully going with both the favs today.  Prices are pretty steep for both Real Madrid and Chelsea to advance, but modest prices are available for both the road teams today.

Chelsea is pretty much out of the running for a Prem title, and with their FA cup run also over, logic says they can turn their full attention to the Champions League.

Real Madrid has slim hopes of a La Liga title going (5 points back of Barca), but you know the Special One will place extra focus on this competition.

Pens lose. Ho hum.

Two points lost to the Caps. Tough to get upset after an incredible effort from our Baby Pens, and the news of the James Neal trade. Game by game, we're gonna start to see some of the boys back. James Neal will be welcomed Wednesday vs San Jose. Paul Martin will most likely be back, and possibly Kunitz? Dustin Jeffrey and Mark Letestu are skating, and shouldn't be too far away. Then #87? Happy times ahead, kids.

Despite Versus giving the Capitals hand jobs all night about their stifling defense, the Pens owned a majority of the flow of the game.  The Pens definitely had some extra getty-up in their step, maybe due to the trade announced hours prior, but they were forechecking and cycling like madmen all night.  Yeah...the offensively handicapped Pens had a tough time generating a ton of quality scoring chances.  But even the "SHOOT-THE-PUCK!" dorks in attendance were stymied with a blistering 39 shots on net.  Neuroturd and the NHL's greatest defense were simply up to the task.  I say Bravo.  We still have the 2nd highest point total in the East, and we're close to braving the injury storm.

Enter James Neal...

We LOVE this deal.  Gogo was a quality puck mover, but let's face it.  He was our 5th d-man, and he was expendable.  Letang, Orpik, Martin, and Zibby are all signed to long-term deals, and the emergence of Engelland as a legit NHLer makes this possible.  Plus...we get a replacement in Matt Niskanen.  Niskanen has had a pretty bad year, but he's got some pedigree (former 1st rounder) and he's only 24 yo (2 years Gogo's junior).  It's also a great move personally for Niskanen, since he won't have to fret Crosby rag dolling him any more...

The kicker obviously is Neal.  In Ray Shero, we trust.  Remember the Kunitz / Tangradi for Ryan Whitney deal with Anaheim?  Whitney was another one of these supposed "great puck movers that's SO hard to find."  Whitney played a year for the Ducks, and was shipped off to exile in Edmonton. Time will tell, but our initial thought is this was another coup for Shero.  Misc thoughts...

Even if Sid doesn't come back, this move makes sense.  Neal is NOT a rental, and he's got 1 more year on his deal before becoming a RFA (same as Goligoski).  For that matter, the same goes for Niskanen.

Neal's a proven goal scorer, netting 24 and 27 in his 1st two years.  He's on pace to break that with 21 so far this year.  He's only 23.  He played along side a great center in Brad Richards, but logic tells you he can even be better on Sid's left side.  30 to 35 goal potential is not a stretch.

Kunitz is having a great year, albeit injury riddled.  This probably makes Kunitz your 2nd line LW, which is probably more his speed anyway.  But there is the option of leaving Kuni alongside Sid, and making Neal Geno's LW.  Bylsma's gotta love the options.  If Geno can't thrive with a better winger of this ilk, then the Malkin excuse makers will have to let it lie.

Salary cap wise, Niskanen spares them a little salary in comparison to Gogo (@ $300,000).  At a $2.8 hit next year for Neal, something will have to give.  I hate to say it, but among the forwards to go, I'm thinking Dupuis will be the casualty next year.  I love Duper as a 2-way player.  The guy back checks and kills penalties like a beast.  But I'm guessing he'll demand more in the open market than someone like Talbot.  A lot of people are down on Talbot, and rightfully so when looking at his numbers.  But Talbot can be an effective and versatile 4th liner, plus I think you can get a discount with Talbo.  He takes draws, can fill in on the wing, kills penalties, and no doubt he's a great locker room guy.

I'm also guessing Godard is a goner.  I love Godard in his role, but with Engelland becoming a top flight heavyweight (and every night skater), his $750,000 becomes a casualty.

This also tells me Shero thinks Sid is coming back soon.  FCKYA.

And finally, it tells me Shero is pretty happy with some of the W-B/S call ups.  A few FAs I'd like to see signed for next year: Jeffrey (RFA), Conner (UFA), Sterling (UFA).  All 3 can probably signed on the cheap.  And don't forget Tangradi will probably fill a bigger role next year.

Supposedly, there are still Kovalev rumors floating around.  PLEASE Ray, don't give up anything of value for this guy.  Please.

Album Tacos

got tipped on this one by Jess.  Pretty interesting site that basically takes classic album covers, and photoshops tacos within the original art...
Apparently you can submit your own!

Monday, February 21, 2011

Welcome to Pittsburgh, James Neal!!

Another coup d'état for Ray Shero. A 20 goal scorer 3 years running, and he's only 23. More analysis to come, but my immediately reaction is this is PRETTY F*&%ING AWESOME!!!!!!

Another soff defenceman leaves the Burgh for another proven goal scorer. Anyone remember Ryan Whitney?

** thanks to RandoMango for the good news!!

1 < 2, but > 0

First time in awhile I can remember being relieved after a loss.  Getting 1 point on the road against a desperate Chicago team was a gritty effort.  Sure, the Blackhawks are sitting in 11th place in the West (2 pts out of a spot), but take a look at some of the talented forwards they're rolling out on the ice every other shift: Patrick Sharp, Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa, Tomas Kopecky.  True, they're not as deep after having their depth gutted in the off-season, but that's a serious advantage over what the Pens have going on right now, sans Crosby, Malkin, Kunitz, (Asham, Comrie, Letestu, Jeffrey, Tangradi).

But still...the Pens battled for 65 minutes, and was a Tyler Kennedy open net miss away from getting the full 2.  Seeing TK's recent form, we won't ride him too hard.

We'll also excuse Marc-Andre, too. MAF gave up maybe his worst goal of the year in the 3rd, but minus Sid, Fleury's been our hands down MVP and gives us a chance to win every night...even with a line-up full of W-B/S dudes. Despite that wounded duck that somehow got past him, MAF again stood on his head most of the day.  So while the Fleury haters briefly got to stick their heads out from their burrows, we're confident it was just a rare brain fart, and they'll be heading back into hibernation for the rest of the spring.

We'll skip the normal 3 stars on the loss, but other noteworthy Pens included:

Matt Cooke. Lost in a lot of the dirty player hype from the last couple weeks is that Matt Cooke can actually be an effective hockey player. He was all over the place killing penalties, and got his 11th tally of the year on a shorty.

Tim Wallace. Wallace is clearly not the most talented of all the Baby Pens to be called up this year, but his tenacity is noticeable.  Hard hitting and workman-like back checking in limited 8:00 of ice time.

Brett Sterling.  The Ticket!!  Sterling clearly has some hands, and that's exactly what the Pens have been needing around the net.  His 3rd goal in 5 games got us the point, and it was huge.  Sterling has scored a slew of goals in the AHL over his career, but that goal scoring touch has evaded him in limited NHL appearances.  He's clearly a smaller dude at 5'7", but we're interested to see how long he can keep it going.

"See you later side burns"

Back-to-Back games, with the hated Caps coming into town tonight.  Ovie and crew will be playing their 4th Stanley Cup Final game this year, going 2-0-1 against the Pens so far.  Hopefully, our Beloved can muster up the same energy, but that's a tall task.  If history holds, the Caps will beat the shorthanded Pens tonight, raise a banner at the Verizon Center, get a hangover, and lose 8 of their next 10.  Ovie will be dick, I'm sure.  We'll have to see who goes after Matt Cooke.  Steckl?  It won't be Mike Green.  Apparently, he was injured riding his orange scooter and is not playing tonight...

The Corin Tucker Band

btw: this record is fucking great.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Cold Weather

checked this here low budget indie out last night, and we highly recommend it. Beautifully shot in Portland, but there are some Pittsburgh ties. Producer Brendan McFadden grew up in Pittsburgh and took classes at Pittsburgh Filmmakers, while writer-director Andrew Katz currently lives in Wilkinsburg.  The film is playing at the Mellwood Screening Room and Regent Square through this Thursday before heading off to SXSW.   Check it out.

Piranha (2010)

Tommy: "Is this movie in 3-D?"
Randy: "No, but YOUR FACE IS!"

Despite a slow start, Piranha (2010) is a fun ride. I'm not the biggest 3-D guy, but it doesn't seem like the best 3-D effects. But what Piranha lacks in 3-D, it picks up in flesh eating effects.

The remake still doesn't beat the original. But they rarely do...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

the Art of Robert Pollard

Charity Sale going on right now over at the Art of Robert Pollard.  Now through the end of February.  Appears a lot of stuff at 50% to 66% off, so check it out.

Pitchers and Catchers Report

Swell.  Real Pirate fans will want to circle these dates on their calender:
  • April 9 - Fireworks Night
  • April 23 - Andrew McCutchen Action Figurine Night (WOOOOOO!!!!)
  • May 7 - Fireworks Night
  • May 21 - Neil Walker Bobblehead Night
  • June 4 - Fireworks Night
  • June 25 - Fireworks Night
  • July 9 - Fireworks AND .38 Special Concert Night
  • July 23 - Fireworks Night
  • August 6 - Fireworks AND Train Concert Night
  • August 20 - Fireworks Night
  • Sept 10 - Fireworks Night
Only 1 Bobblehead and 1 "Action Figurine" for the entire year?  That's pretty disappointing.  How does ownership raise ticket prices in a year where there is only 1 Bobblehead giveaway?!? The audacity.

And the Oscar for Best Documentary Ever...

goes to...

World of Fun Infomercial from Ragman Productions on Vimeo.

Word on the streets is that this highly sought after - not for sale - underground DVD, was remastered and repackaged from its original release. Every DVD has a different handcrafted cover, sorta like Propeller. We've heard a rumor that it comes from Canada, which adds even more mystique to this DVD that everybody is looking for.

Fortunately, I gots mines. And no my brotha...you got to find your own.

Friday, February 18, 2011

fridays is for fun. fckya.

TONIGHT at Gooski's. the Moodswingers. Highway 13. Juke. Rawk. Fckya.

show poster art by Rick Bach, one of Pittsburgh's finest.

Matthew Barnaby > Barry Melrose

What the FUCK is the Mullet talking about?!?

Mario is frustrated with the injuries, the Islanders are excused because of the hits (referring to Talbot's clean hit on Comeau), the DiPietro / Johnson fight, blah, fucking blah, fucking blah, fucking blah. "Frustrated" with Crosby's injury...talking about ruined "holidays in Pittsburgh"?!?!?!  What does Crosby have to do with what happened on Long Island you ignorant twat?!?  Did he say "ruined holidays in Pittsburgh?!?!" Valentines Day?  What the hell is he talking about?

Just a great example of the Haterade amongst hockey "journalists" and "experts" here. It's one thing when "know-it-all" non-experts (like myself) spout off about this crap on a blog. No one is listening. But for people who supposedly know what they're talking about to spew such garbage on national TV really leaves a sour taste in your mouth. Like poop.

Douchebags like Barry Melrose and Scott Burnside clearly have an axe to grind, and it's pathetic. It's also embarrassing to hockey.  We thought Melrose was better than that.  Clearly he's still sore his last reign as a HC lasted only 3 weeks.

Burnside is the king of these jokes.  And upon further investigation, EC found out why.  Rumor has it that back in-da-day, Burnside had a picture taken with Mario Lemieux.  After getting a nice 8x11 glossy print of the photo, Burnside approached Lemieux about an autograph.  Mario signed his name to the photo, but merely forgot to include "your pal."  Scott Burnside has been angry ever since...kinda like a little school girl who had her milk money stolen.

Here's the article from Burnside, which seems more appropriate for the National Enquirer than ESPN.  Then again, ESPN isn't exactly the poster boy for journalistic integrity.  It's more about generating hits to their website, which surely they did with this pile of garbage.  There is a slight difference in the comparison Burnside makes, and the objective person can see it.  Employing Matt Cooke has zero to do with an organizational motive (starting with Isles GM Garth Snow) to generate ticket sales and interest by managing a premeditated sideshow filled with cowardly acts of "retribution." Let us not forget the Pens lead the NHL in fighting majors, so that should excuse what the Islanders did, as well.  Puke.

Burnside's hate goes back a few years, even to the 2008 Stanley Cup Finals when Lemieux obviously snubbed Burnside again.  Clearly, #66 doesn't wanna be this ass clown's pal.

The saddest part of it all is that the message Lemieux was trying to convey is completely lost within this cesspool of bitterness. The message is pretty clear: the sport we love is becoming a circus act. The only hockey people not embarrassed by what happened last Friday is Snow and the Islanders, an organization who was eliminated from the playoffs in November and is pretty much an afterthought in New York.

But the same dopes who complain that "Lemiuex never says anything" are the same dopes bashing him here when he does. According to their self-imposed rule: any owner who employs a player who's been suspended has no right to say anything meaningful.  Nice. Convenient hatred.

The Thermals on Lopez Tonight

"Not Like Any Other Feeling" 7" from KRS was just released. BUY.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

KENNEDY, Crackers

and just like that, Pens Winner. And Colorado's hopes of ending an 8 game skid...

Feels like only a couple weeks ago I was ripping Tyler Kennedy. I was. Now the dude is on fire. I believe he's got, like, 5 goals in his last 7 games...or something like that. Anyway...props to Mr Kennedy, stepping up in a big way. #1 Star worthy.

#2 Star to my boy Jordan Staal.  24 minutes of ice time.  Goal scorer's goal on a 2-on-1 late in the 2nd to tie it at 2s.  As JS skated down the right wing with Brett Sterling to his left, I coulda sworn I saw him tell Sterling to fuck off and get on his back.  Buries it.  Staal's a Beast.

With all due props to Fleury, who again gave the boys a chance to win, my #3 Star goes to W-B/S call-up Joe Vitale.  Vitale notched his 1st NHL goal, and it was a beaut.  Martin's tape, to Sterling's tape, to Vitale's tape, to the back of the net.  Stick side, top shelf.  Being down 1-Nil, this gave us hope.  For the casual fan who doesn't know who Joe Vitale is, we did the work for you.  A quick Google search provides you this...

What a stud.

go check out our favorite blog, the Pensblog for a better recap.

Two crackers in the Champions League yesterday.  Arsenal comes back to beat my beloved Barca 2-1.  As a footie fan, I enjoyed this one.  Everyone should've.  It will definitely make the 2nd leg back at the Camp Nou very enticing.  As a fan, I'm still pretty confident Barca will pull through.  A tad more nervous than last year, though :)

In the other match of the day, Shakhtar Donetsk took down Roma, 3-2 in Italy. Former Liverpool man John Arne Riise had another gaff leading to another big goal for an opponent in the CL. Reds fans will remember his own-goal blunder a couple years ago against Chelsea in the semis. I do. While perhaps not as dramatic, our hearts go out to this guy. Riise apologized post game.

While having the draw in this one (another loser 0-3), we're pretty confident the Shak will pull through in convincing style in the 2nd leg. I just don't see it in Roma.

Moodswingers CD Release Party

Moodswingers is Jamie Saunders, Dennis Childers, and Dean Catania.  They're from Pittsburgh and they'll rawk your face off.  Their last show at St James Tavern this past December was pretty kick ass, and we're looking forward to more.  Friday night at the best bar / room in the Burgh: Gooski's.  Their new album World to Save is out, and this is their CD Release Party.

Highway 13, another Burgh band described as high-octane rockabilly, will also be playing.

GBV content: Gooski's jukebox is probably the best in the city, and it features our favorite band.  FCKYA!

We are THERE. 

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Gattuso in need of Chill Pill

from yesterday's Champions League action. AC Milan and MF Gennaro Gattuso are not having the best of days vs Tottenham, so Gattuso throws a tantrum.

...and this was just the start of it. What a cheeky little bastard.

In other CL play, all-time leading Euro scorer Raul ruins my Valencia prediction as Schalke 04 gets the away draw. Then I call the draw in the Spurs W over Milan, and after a late Ibra goal is nixed for a foul...an 0-2 start to the Knockout Stage for me. I do have Spurs to advance, tho, so that looks nice.

Today: the big match everyone's anticipating...Barcelona visits the Emirates to face Arsenal. Should be a cracker. Barca has not lost in something like 350 consecutive matches, so I'm laying the odds with my squad to advance after 2 legs.

I'm also taking Shakhtar Donetsk to advance past Roma, looking at a draw in the 1st leg in Italy (based on a hunch from a pal).

Happy Anniversary Disco Dan Bylsma

(ok...so it was yesterday and we missed it). Two glorious years of grinding bitches down. Disco is the fastest coach in Pens history to 100 wins.

This gets me so effin jackt...


Superchunk TODAY on NPR's World Cafe

Wednesday Feb 16th, 2:00pm, go to WXPN's live stream HERE.

Superchunk doing "Crossed Wires" on Sound Opinions...

Superchunk performs Crossed Wires for Sound Opinions from WBEZ on Vimeo.

"Pollard has made the strongest album..."

High praise from allmusic.com regarding Bob & Doug Gillard's (aka: Lifeguards) new release Waving at the Astronauts.

As stated further down on these pages, we concur.  With the insane amount of music he releases in the average year, some people may not buy everything Pollard releases (blasphemous, I know).  But this is one of those records you need to pick up.  Do it.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Blue Velvet at Melwood

THIS Thursday night at the Melwood Screening Room in the Burgh. 7:00pm. One time showing. Go HERE for more info.

Called Us Names!!!

Some guy named Zenon Konopka, who actually plays hockey for the NY Islanders (confirmed via Wikipedia), wanted to set the record straight as to what warranted the "retribution" that occurred Friday night. He says he was watching TV after the goalie fight between Brent Johnson and Rick DiPietro, and saw the Penguins laughing at his injured teammate (DiPietro suffered a broken face).

It wasn't DiPietro the Pens were laughing at.  It was your face.

Konopka further remarked, following Mario Lemieux's disparaging remarks regarding the "sideshow" on Friday, that he was always a big fan of Lemieux. Now he's going home to rip down the poster of Lemieux in his bedroom. Seriously.

The Long Island Circus

Probably the first of a few posts relating to the joke organization that is the New York Islanders. But basically,

this perfectly clean check...

and this mutually agreed upon fight, which was preceded by Rick DiPietro's cheap shot on Matt Cooke (I know, sounds funny, but tis true)...

led to these premeditated and cowardly acts of retribution:

Matt Martin's Bertuzzi-like blind-side assault on Talbot...

Some minor league call-up...a hack named Gillies...flying elbow and subsequent punches to the back of a knocked out Eric Tangradi. Gillies is so tough, he taunts the concussed player as the trainer attends to him...

What an embarrassment. Apparently, this was the Islanders' first Stanley Cup appearance since 1984, so their fans are pretty happy about this. Garth Snow is proud of the restraint his Islander team showed, and they will be raising a banner in their honor at the Nassua Coliseum when they return home Thursday to play the Bruins. Plenty of good seats are still available.

Roger Goodell's Got Yo Back!!

the Steelers lost.  the better team won.  Roger Goodell was relieved.

But the best news coming out of Super Bowl weekend was this:  Roger Goodell has your back!!!!!
"An 18-game season is what the fans want."
Roger has listened (supposedly), and is fighting to get you an 18 game regular season!  FCKYA!  Additionally, we've gotten word from reliable sources that he's also fighting to cut back on the absurd amount of commercial time that occupies an NFL broadcast.  After all, that's what the fans want.  The fans want more "action" per total game duration, and Roger is gonna get it for you people!!  WOOOOO!!!!


Still in catch-up mode here, but how huge is that goal right now. Without it, the Beloved could've been looking at a 5 game losing streak. I fucking love Staal. Remember a few years ago, he was the center a lot of Burghers wanted to trade for an upgrade at winger. At $4m / year, I don't believe he's the one you want to trade. What a bargain. One of the best defensive forwards in the NHL, and was a very worthy candidate for the Selke last year. Now he's finding his grove. It's a shame he's playing with a short deck, minus all the injured Pens.

But the 2-1 win over LA was a balls-out, guts-to-the-wall W over a team that's playing some great hockey right now. MAF came up big, once again. Every 2 points right now is sweet relief.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Matt Cooke is a Dick

there...I said it.

The NHL needs to hang this guy up by his buster browns. They sorta did, giving him 4 games for his smashing of Fedor Tyutin. Btw: this doesn't excuse Cooke, but Tyutin has gotta be pretty stupid for turning his back to Cooke after seeing him coming. It's one thing to draw a penalty, it's another to be a moron and not protect yourself. That was moronic. And fortunately for Tyutin, he wasn't injured.

But as Pens fans, we can't continue to point the finger at dirty players like Chris Pronger, Sean Avery, Alexander Ovechkin, Chris Neil, Steve Downie, and other repeat offenders...without looking at our own Cookie. They're all cheap shot artists, so when Cooke does the same thing, it's only fair to call it like it is.

Everyone knows the lowdown on Cooke. He plays on the edge, and often crosses the line. This crossed the line. The consensus from most hockey people is that you want him on your team, but you hate playing against him. But if he continues to take stupid and selfish penalties, no one is going to want him on their team.

With almost half a team made up of W-B/S Baby Pens, this suspension comes at the absolute worst time. Not good.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Dave Steckel - 6' 5" 215 lb. Pussy

Say what you want about Matt Cooke, but when the Boston Bruins sent Shawn Thornton after him the game following Cooke's head shot to Marc Savard...Cooke obliged. Completely outclassed by the resident tough guy for Boston, Cooke dropped the lid and took his lumps. Unlike...

Daisy Steckel, who spent most of his day Sunday playing the coward role. Steckel refused to take on anyone who came after him, running away from every confrontation. Instead...he conveniently accepts Tim Wallace's invitation. How may Penguins had to ask Steckel to go before they got down the list to Tim Wallace? Then Steckel spends most of the fight holding on for his life.

Another classic example of why the instigator rule is a failure. You want douche bags like Steckel, Cooke, and Avery out of the game? Or at least want head shots to stop? Make them pay on the ice the old fashioned way: mano-a-mano.

Super Bowl Sunday Sucked

but this was great...

Trade Malkin Right F***ing Now!

that would be difficult to do, seeing he's out for the season.

Let's preface this by saying I like Malkin, and I'm fairly certain he's a good teammate. I also like having him on my team. But with the new salary-capped NHL, I simply don't like paying him $8.7 million. That's Top 5 Player salary, and sorry to say it...Malkin is not one of the Top 5 players in the NHL.

The Geno apologists will point to injuries. Meh. It's been a year and a half, and his game has not evolved one bit. Is it his work ethic? Who knows? Comparing someone's work ethic to that of Sid's might be unfair. But Sid continues to work on his game and improve every year. Malkin's weaknesses continue to be weaknesses. He's averaging less than a point-per-game, and he's a minus player for the 2nd straight year. If he was contributing big time on the PP, like a Stamkos, maybe that could be forgiven.

But the biggest case against Geno is that it appears we play better hockey without him. The Pens had won 7 of 8 games, and 4 straight w/o Geno. He steps back on the ice against Buffalo, and we play our worst period in 2 weeks. Down 2-nil, Geno gets hurt, and we play better...ultimately coming back to win 3-2 (fckya!!!)

Like I said, I'd love to have Geno on my team. But I'd love to have him for $5.7 million/yr. Can't complain about Shero's signings, as most have panned out. This one, though, could hurt the Pens for a few years.

Now Geno is out for the year. Oh well...we've got more cap space to play with, so that's a good thing.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

DEERHOOF tonight!!!!!

Altar Bar, Pittsburgh. GO!

Greg Saunier for chrissakes!

Tonight I rawk. Tomorrow I play catch-up from the last week.

Friday, February 04, 2011

Yo La Tengo plays Pittsburgh THIS SATURDAY!

I can't think of a better way I'd rather spend Super Bowl eve. Well...maybe a couple of ways. But this is in the Top 5 or 6. The mighty Yo La Tengo is visiting the Burgh tomorrow...Mr Smalls to be specific. If I was forced to compare Yo La Tengo as one of my favorite bands to a futbol club in La Liga, I'd have to say they're comparable to Sevilla. Plenty of good seats are still available, so bring the whole family. Go HERE to purchase tickets.

Surely this video has been posted on these pages before. It's just too good. "The Foghat Rule - your 4th album should be Double Live." From my favorite YLT record I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One...

my favorite all-time YLT song off the album Painful...

We don't do "pretty" around these pages too often, and that's a shame. This is one of the prettiest songs you will ever put ears to.

Thursday, February 03, 2011

Here's JOHNY!

thanks to Rando Mango for sending the vid.

thanks to Pensblog once again for the tremendous gif.


Never leave the hockey game early. Absolutely god damn right. About 2 minutes prior to this, we were in our seats making fun of the suits and amateurs who were running to their cars. Hurry!! Gotta sit in traffic!! Fucking dopes.

Cooke will probably get villainized again for the start of this scrum. Cookie is a cock, no doubt. But the goalie with the 25 year contract started this one. Johny ended it. The Pens video and jumbotron crew were all over it, showing the replay of Brent Johnson punching DiPietro's face in...quickly followed by the "Here's Johnny" clip above. (BJ is affectionately known as "Johny" in these parts, if you hadn't already figured that out).

The Penguino has now won 7 of 8, all w/o Crosby. That's pretty amazing. They are also 9-1 w/o Geno this year. Not as amazing, considering he's the only minus player (-2) among the Top 9 forwards on the squad. Appears Malkin will be back Friday vs. Buffalo. Hopefully, he can become one of the top players in the world again. We're not holding our breath.

#3 Star - Kunitz. Remember a few years ago, all the cries about finding Sid a winger. Found.

#2 Star - Max. Talbot's been playing great hockey lately. He just hasn't found the net. Last nights ENer could ignite him.

#1 Star - Johny. Last dude to record a shutout AND a fight in the same game was Chris Osgood, back in 1998 (i think). But upon further review...Johnson does NOT get the shutout, since he got sent to the locker room early. Not sure how Osgood got it then? Who cares. Johny stood on his head all night and then gave DiPietro a serious case of puffy face.

still confused as to why DiPietro appears to be smiling. what a nut job.

HERE'S a GREAT SHOT of the whole circus from the corner by some dude curtOphoto on YouTube. the crowd was absolutely nuts at this point. Great camera work by this guy.

Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Crosby Dives

Brandon Prust is a tough guy with 13 fighting majors this season...

Had to snag that photo from Pensblog. Too good!!!

HUGE 2 points coming outta the All Star break. #1 Star to Dustin Jeffrey, who got Top Line C duties minus Crosby, Malkin, Letestu, AND Staal (who got the match penalty for his love tap to Prust). DJ got the Pens on the board to start the comeback, and the GW in the shootout. Fleury was balls...#2 Star. JS gets my #3 star for making Prust look like the joke that he is. The Talbot, Rupp, Connor line was grinding bitches down all night.

People will cry for Staal to be suspended. Whatever. If so, we'll be w/o #87, #71, and #11 tonight vs. the Isles. I wonder if Jack Capuano will finally have the balls to let his team play some hockey, or will he trap it up all night again. We will see.

Slack MotherFCKYA!

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

The Reds Revival

my crappy 2 cents on the record breaking January transfer window...

Yeah...Fernando Torres is gone. Big deal. We got $50m for a guy who's appeared in about half our matches, and can't stay healthy. What I'll miss most is singing that damn "Torres Torres" song. Oh, well. The question I'd ask of myself: "Would I really like this guy if he wasn't on my club?" The answer is "No." Dude is a ponce. Great talent. But ponce, nonetheless.

It sucks to sell a player of this quality to one of your rivals, but hopefully this will bury Chelsea even more in debt. Last year, Chelsea recorded a $70m loss, and is becoming closer and closer to violating UEFA's new "fair play" rules. Eff Chelsea. Regardless of all the financials, this move will make this Sunday's Liverpool trip to Stamford Bridge even more interesting.

So did Liverpool overspend for Andy Carroll? Probably. Especially when you see the list of largest transfers ever. The $35m spent on getting Carroll from Newcastle ranks as the 8th highest sum ever paid. Above Carroll is the likes of Christiano Ronaldo, Kaka, Zidane, and Luis Figo. Those are some pretty hefty names. But considering the absurd amount they got for Torres (which ranks 5th highest ever), so what if they overspent. At least it's a sign from the new ownership group that they are committed to the success of the club. At 22, Carroll is still an unknown, but time will tell if he can live up to this massive fee. Sucks, however, that Carroll is currently rehabbing a thigh and will miss this Sunday's clash.

The $35m spent on Carroll makes the Luis Suarez deal ($24m) look like a bargain. Suarez is definitely the more seasoned goal scorer, but is still a mere 24 years old. Dude scored an amazing 49 goals last year for Dutch club Ajax, and was a key reason Uruguay made its run at the World Cup in July. I'm a big fan. So what if the dude got sent off for a deliberate hand ball. I could care less.

Word on the streets was that Charlie Adam was in a white Bronco on his way to Merseyside yesterday. But when the deadline struck...no deal. Adam would've been a nice piece to the puzzle. Although overspending another $14m, which was apparently Blackpool's asking price, could have been a mistake. Just because we overspent on Carroll doesn't mean we should become the next Real Madrid or...uh em...Chelsea. Plus...it was a bit worrisome that nobody else was willing to fork over a hefty sum for the Scottish midfielder. So more upgrades will have to wait until this summer.

Bottom line: Luis Suarez + Andy Carroll - $9m > Fernando Torres. That's my story.