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Monday, February 08, 2010

An Announcement (Exclusivly on EC)

When I walked away from the sport years ago, it was at a time that I had become tired with the daily training and commitments that took me away from family and friends. It wasn't the game days, it was the all of the other days that had made me question my love for the game. I wasn't sure if I had the passion necessary to become a champion, to be the best.

Now, years removed from those days, and after much personal soul searching, I believe now is the time to return to the game I've always loved. I know it will be a strain on my other commitments and responsibilities, but I am ready for that sacrifice. With that said, I am here to formally announce my return to the sport of competitive Monopoly, with a goal of competition in and winning the 2013 United States Championship and then, the 2013 World Championship. As part of my preparation, I will gladly welcome any and all games of Monopoly and look forward to regaining my past form.

I want to thank my family and friends now, as this would not be possible without their support and understanding.

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