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Friday, February 26, 2010

O Canada

Love it when "my" team peels the man boobs of a disliked rival. Team Canada came out fast and furious Wednesday night, showing the world that the North American style beats skating in circles and half-assed defensive work on most nights. Our boy Sid was left off the score sheet, but so was that doofus Ovechkin. More noticeable, Ovie was a -2 and shown on the ice twice being lazy on the backcheck for two of Canada's goals. Nabokov was a sieve, for sure...but it doesn't help when your forwards don't care about playing the defensive zone. It was a performance that reminded me a lot of last year's Game 7 Pens beat down of the Caps.

funny stuff...

Ovie wasn't alone, though. Kovalsuck, Malkin, Gonchar...they were all brutal. I've been a little harsh on Malkin all year, and perhaps it's warranted. So I didn't feel incredibly bad when Getzlaf was getting in his ear by the Canada bench. Maybe this will wake him up.

Alexander Semin was exposed as well. These guys are all incredibly gifted offensive talents. But maybe they are simply inferior when it comes to two-way play, something we've preached around these parts for awhile now. And playing against the best team in the world, they never stood a chance.

Much was made of the Dan Boyle slew-footing of Semin. In full speed, it looked like a cheap shot from Semin. Maybe it wasn't. But take into consideration the time it happened and the fact the game was out of hand, you can understand why Boyle would be peeved. After all, he does have an NHL team (not to mention, the #1 team in the league) who he reports back to next week. No call for boarding the guy, potentially injuring him, simply because you got your ass handed to you. So yes, I applaud the Boyle retaliation. Afterwards, Semin's true colors were revealed. He's a coward. Bottom line: if you don't like someone getting in your shield-protected face, don't play cheap.

More from the people making a big deal outta nothing department...

Mike Milbury referring to Russia's game as "Eurotrash." Big effin deal. I thought it was hilarious. Almost as funny as him referring to the German players as "fire hydrants" who were getting "peed on" a night earlier. I'm not a fan of Milbury, as it often seems like he takes the opposing view, simply to start an argument. Witness: Pierre McGuire vs. Mike Milbury intermission pieces, where they both come off as fake turds. But calling someone's game "Eurotrash" is not taboo, in my book. I heard some PC cop call it "racist," which is sort of insane. Russia sucked. Their game sucked. Live with it.

More big deals: Canada Women win Gold, drink beers...

I'm appalled. Victory, followed by beers. That just doesn't fly with the whole Olympic spirit thing (insert hand job motion).

And finally: congrats to RMU's Brianne McLaughlin. Brianne saw mostly mop up duty as USA's 3rd string goalie, but simply making the Olympic Team and coming home with a Silver is a great achievement for the Moon Township via Ohio star goaltender.

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