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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Olympics on NBC; Almost as Bad as NFL

Remember a while back we posted the Wall Street Journal story that found out that your average NFL broadcast nets you 11 minutes of live action? I'm sure you do. Now, the fine folks at the WSJ are back at it, timing the breakdown of NBC's Olympic coverage.

The abridges version:
- 3.5 hour broadcast
- 56:41 of commercials in 24 breaks
- 53:37 of "live" (quotations used for obvious reasons) action
- 17:19 of Bob Costas, who is the real the real victim in all of this

However, NBC has heard your complaints over the fact they bumped USA/Canada Men's Ice Hockey to MSNBC in favor of Ice Dancing. So, the US' next game will be on the flagship station, which is great for those of us on the East Coast. Those in the West get to plug their ears and cover their eyes for three hours to watch it on delay. The irony being that had the game stayed on MSNBC, it would have been broadcast live, coast-to-coast.

NBC's rights expire after the 2012 London Games, here's to hoping that this deal isn't renewed.

1 comment:

gary said...

So jackt for the Canada / Russia game tonight!!!!!

Hopefully, CNBC will cut into the game with at least a couple minutes left in the 1st period and I won't miss any goals (hope! hope!)