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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Robert Pollard Rewards Us

per Pitchfork. Nice little review of RP's latest record, and kinda what we've been saying all week. We All Got Out Of the Army kicks ass. Pitchfork gives it a 7.3, but a pretty nice review from the way I'm reading it.

Empties Crushed
gives WAGOOtA a 9.7.


gbvh said...


gbvh said...

"So what if summer turns to winter ... we're still having gooood tiiiiiiiimes."

gary said...

Side 2 = Gold, baby.

gbvh said...

Not that I'd know when "Side 2" starts as I'm stillllllllll waiting on my order and relying on the mp3 version I have.

gbvh said...

LARM was in studio as this thing was being recorded. A couple of notes:

Fun fact: I'd venture to say 97% of the vocals are first-take. I can only remember a few times where Bob told Todd to let him have a do-over. That blew me away more than anything about being there watching him make an album. Especially considering how many cool vocal parts there are (emotion...waves of steeel....moonshine on the rider....everybody's freshly mown grass...etc).

Forgot to mention this and remembered it today whilst listening to the record and driving...during one of the songs (I believe I Can See)...upon hearing it back after he laid down the vocal...Bob jumped up in the air like a 5 year old, clapped his hands, and couldn't peel the shit-eating grin off his face and yelled "I love making records!"

Ayup. That shit made my day.

gary said...

Side 2 starts with the Cure / Cameo / Poet Bums / Stations!!!

btw: you know Larm is on the credits of the record, right? He's credited with the shout of "Your! Rate! Will! Never!" for reals!!

gbvh said...

Yeah I heard that.
I also heard he's really a "John" and not "LARM."