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Sunday, February 07, 2010

The EC Guide to Super Bowl Prop Bets

With the beloved not extending their season into February this year, the Super Bowl loses a lot of luster and excitement. However, thanks to the world of inane prop bets, you can still have the chance to yell and curse the television during the big game, and even for more than the 11 minutes of the on-field action.

Here now are prop bets you should be playing for tonight's Colts-saints tilt...

Coin Toss: Tails (-101) - Everyone knows tails never fails. Bet it and win big with only 1% juice!

Team To Win Coin Toss: Saints (-105) - The Saints are the visiting team, and Drew Brees also knows the tails never fails. These are the easiest two bets of the night.

Team to Commit First Penalty: Saints (-140) - Saints will take the opening kickoff and someone will be a little too amped on the opening drive and flinch on the line. Saints are the favorite for good reason, bet the favorite here.

Total Fumbles Lost by Both Teams
: Over 1.5 (+115) - Come on now, we all know Bush is good for one, and given the line, I'll take the chance on someone giving up a second.

Will There Be a Successful 2pt. Conversion
: Yes (+400) - Look at the line, play it!!

Total Number of Players to Attempt a Pass: Over 2.5 (+220) - The Saints are good to try something new every so ofter, or a trick punt/field goal and you're good. Take the over.

Total Sacks in the Game: Over 3.5 (+200) - Saints will get to Manning once or twice, and every game is good for a broken play sack, I'm liking the overs in this game.

First Team to Challenge a Call: Saints (-125) - I don't think Caldwell even knows what that red flag they give him is for.

Length of the National Anthem: Under 1:42 (-145) - The rumor is that this Underwood chick is going to keep sing the song, as opposed to giving her rendition of it. Going under.

Number of Windmill Moves Pete Townshend Will Do on Stage: Over 5.5 (-220) - He'll be doing it, not because he's feeling it vibe, but because he's probably contractually obligated to do them. They'll suck, but you'll win the bet.

Will Pete Townshend Smash a Guitar on Stage: No (-180) - Every performance of The Who I've seen from last five years has seen Pete's guitar stay in tact. I don't see it happening.

There it is, 11 Prop bets sure to make your "Super Sunday" all the more enjoyable. If your looking to bet on the game; I got no idea, the total line is stupid high...

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gary said...

I'm laying down on every single one of these. And if I lose, I'm taking it out on you :)