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Saturday, February 06, 2010

New Pornographers new album announced

AC Newman contributes 9 songs, Dan Bejar has 3. The whole cast of characters is back and represented, including the lovely Neko Case. Hopefully, a tour date announcement will follow. Release date for Together is May 4th, on Matador:

They've also got a spiffy new website: The New Pornographers. Check it out.

Here's hoping the new record is a return to form from either the Twin Cinema or Electric Version days. I, personally, wasn't the biggest fan of Challengers, relative to their other records...but that's just me. From Twin Cinema, this is "Use It"...


Jables said...

Kinda jackt, hope its good but I dont know man. Mass Romantic is beyond awesome, and since then they have not cut it in my books. However, Dan Bajars New Porno input is the best shit he has done since his Streethawk album. Sorry to all the Destroyer fans, but anything after Theif and Streethawk is shit.....cept for his new porno tunes.

TB said...

^ Wut he said. I find their albums since the first are cool for a month or so, and then fade into the odd song being good.