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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

The "handcuffs" gesture

gets you a $40,000 fine in Italy, and a 3 game ban. The Special One claims it was misinterpreted:

“It had nothing to do with the referee. He meant to say a different thing: ‘You can even take me away and arrest me, but my team is strong and will win regardless, even if we play with nine men."

Actually, Inter Milan settled for a draw against Sampdoria in the above referenced match.

I love this guy. Never used to, but having him on my side is a hoot. This afternoon, Jose Mourinho and my beloved Inter Milan will surely take down Chelsea in their 1st leg Champions League knockout match at the San Siro. There will be bliss.

Later, Sidney Crosby and our Team Canada will take down Russia, as Ovechkin is sent home the loser once again. There will be more bliss.

Sprinkle in the Sevilla / CSKA Moscow Champions League match and some more quarterfinal Olympic Hockey games, and suddenly it's the greatest sporting Wednesday...like...ever.


gbvh said...

You "love" a guy who coaches "your" team?


gbvh said...


gary said...

when he's managing Real Madrid next year, I won't like him as much.

weird, that i like the "smug-ness." I think it's all an act...actually, i'd love to have a brew with him and see him lighten up a bit. i bet he's a funny dude.

gbvh said...

Wish he was non-smug like Sid.

That would be epitome.

Kono said...

WWJD- what would Jose Do? I even like him at Chelsea and i hate Chelsea, he's the kind of guy that makes the game interesting, unlike every coach in American sports.

TB said...

I find him entertaining as hell. Just wish for once when his team lost though, it wasn't because of the refs, the field, the sun, the clouds, the rain, the heat, the time of kickoff, the price of oil, something they ate, scientology, lack of sleep, conspiracy, or other and he gave credit to the other team.

That, and his teams tend to play boring, defensive football.

gary said...

LOL. "the price of oil" :)