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Saturday, June 16, 2012

England Brilliance FCKYA!

I got drunk last night, so this update will suck...even more so than the others.

France 2 - Ukraine Nil

Frenchy was always winning this game.  They were awesome. Ukraine sucked arse.

England 3 - Svedes 2

Match of the tourney so far, and it seems I say that every day.  Roy Hodgson is the smartest man on the planet and should be working for NASA and shit.  He starts Andy Carroll ahead of Ox upfront, and the move pays off with the greatest header the world has ever seen.  Combine this goal with Carroll's beauty in the FA Cup Final...dare I say the big pony-tailed striker is turning a corner?!?  The cross came from another Red, big and fucking hard Steven Gerrard.

Down 2-1 after 2 quick goals from Sweden, Hodgson sends out super sub Theo Walcott to take over matters.  He notches it at 2 with a ball from the top of the box that surely had eyes.  He then blazes past some dude and sends in the cross to Danny Welbeck's back heel that may be the goal of the tournament.

Heard some nonsense about, "did he mean to do that?" (Welbeck that is).  Bullocks.  As Warren Barton said on FSC, if that's an Argentine or Brazilian, everyone's talking about what a magical goal it was.  Welbeck got his foot to it, in the only manner he possibly could.  It was gorgeous.

Now what does England do against Ukraine when Rooney comes back??  No worries, they've got Roy Hodgson to figure it out.  The only time he's been a moron is when he managed Liverpool, figures.


Go Polska!!!!

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