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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Match Day 2 - Group of Slow Death

Denmark 1 - NED nil

totally fucking figures.  My pick to win it all comes out the chutes like a dud.  Holland took 94 shots in the game, but not a single one was on frame.  Robben was off his game, so much so that I can't recall a single flop from the SCUBA master.  Van Persie sucked.  Some dude named Krohn-Dehli scores when he wants, and did so in the 20th or something minute for the Danes.

In fairness to Denmark, they played a brilliantly defensive game.  When they had their chances they took them, and had a decent share of the ball at times.  The Danes weren't content with sitting 10 in the box and punting every time they touched it, so kudos for that.  Liverpool centre-defender Danny Agger was a stud most of the match.

Not too many quality opps from NED that I remember.  RVP tripped over some grass right outside the 6 on one occasion. And Huntelaar had a glorious chance set up by our boy Sneijder, but the Dane keeper made himself big.  Other than that, a well deserved 3 points from the Danes.

With Germany and Porto still looming, getting squat against Denmark...the supposed worst of the group...could spell death in the Group of Death.

Germany 1 - Portos nil

Probably the worst match yet, as it appeared Portugal's goal was a nil-nil tie.  Apparently, they were trying to impress Jose Mourinho who was in the stands.  The game did pick up once Mario Gomez opened the scoring in the 72nd minute.  Porto was finally forced outta their shell, and the final 20 minutes was pretty entertaining.

Misc Notes: 
  • Bruno Alvez has to be the sweatiest human ever.
  • Michael Ballack: we get it, you're German, and you're rooting really really hard for Germany.

Game of the Day:

While Ronaldo was invisible for Portugal, Lionel Messi was lighting it up at the Meadowlands in a friendly against Brasil....

Jesus. What a human being.


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