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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Pass the Word the Czechs Are Back!

2nd wave of fixtures from Group play.  More crackers from Group A, the "shitty" group, which has scored 12 goals in 4 games.

Czechs 2 - Greeks 1

The Czech Republic scored the fastest 2 goals in Euro history, in like the first 6 minutes or something.  The Greek back line was in shambles early, due to 2 new central defenders. They sucked. Peter Cech botched one off his mitts early in the 2nd half, and made a game of it for the final 40 minutes.  A loss would've eliminated the Czechs from the tourney, but instead, they're in prime position to get the Quarters after their tit peeling from Russia.  Greece, on the other hand...needs some help.

Poland 1 - Russia 1

Another passionate effort form one of the hosts.  And you gotta love the way the Ruskies play the game.  A lot of talent up front, and no wasted time in their attack.  Last time I saw Andrey Arshavin play this well was 4 years ago in this same tournament.  Not sure why that doesn't translate into the Prem. 

Dzagoev got the opening goal off a def free kick from Arshavin, giving him the tourney lead in goals with 3.  Then in the 57th, Poland's skipper, some dude with a really long and hard to pronounce name who they called "Kuba", scored one of the most crackingest goals of the tourney right outside the penalty box. This Kuba guy is pretty intense.  Both teams shared some chances til the end, while both also seemed to run outta gas.

So Group A will be decided Saturday at 2:30 with all 4 teams having a chance to get thru or getting nixed.  Unofficially, from these eyes...
  • Russia gets thru with at least a draw against Greece. They could still get in with a loss (provided it wasn't a huge loss) with goal differential over CR and Greece.
  • Greece must win to get thru, and with that W, would own the tiebreak over Russia.  The way it looks, even with a Czech / Poland draw (giving 3 teams 4 points), Greek would get in over CR due to goal differential.
  • The Czechs get thru with a W, and could get in with a draw provided Russia beats or draws with Greece.
  • Poland must win against the Czechs.  Win, and in. Otherwise, they're done.
I think.

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